SkTs- single dad!Omi Sakusa was able to hide that he was a single dad from his teammates for three terrifying, stressful months. He didn’t think they needed to know. They didn’t know him yet, he was brand new to the team, and he worried about what they might think or say if

he told them he had a 6 month old at home. It was fine, until Atsumu. Which seemed to be a theme. Sakusa had called out sick from practice, when really his son was the one wailing. Head warm, nose running. Neither of them had slept a wink. When he heard a knock on his

door he had assumed it was his mom finally coming over. She was the one who usually babysat for him, but she had a few appointments of her own that day. That’s why Sakusa flung open the door with spit up on his shirt, eyes bloodshot, and a screaming baby in his arms.

Atsumu blinked back at him. Clear corner store bag in his hand. “Ya have a baby,” Atsumu didn’t move. “If that obvious statement is all,” Sakusa felt near tears, his son still crying too. He went to shut the door when Atsumu completely melted. “Ya have a baby,” this time it

was cooed so softly. So sweetly. Atsumu held his hands out, and for lack of anything else to do, Sakusa let his son be scooped out of his arms. “Hi, baby. Aren’t ya the cutest?” Atsumu brushed soft, fine, black hair with the pads of his fingers. “Why don’t we hang out so yer

daddy can take a shower? He’s real stinky,” Atsumu winked at the absolute bewildered look on Sakusa’s face. “Do you even know how to take care of a baby?” Sakusa watched as Atsumu rocked his son. The only person to ever do that, that wasn’t family. “Is he too young to drink?

Because I only hang out with fun babies.” Atsumu watched the horror creep across his teammate’s face. “I’m just kiddin’, go.” Sakusa must have really been sleep deprived, because he shuffled to the bathroom with just a slight push. Washing the sweat and vomit from his skin,

the smell of baby formula. He had time to wash his hair, do his full skincare routine, he even got to floss. Without one peep coming from the rest of the apartment. Sakusa nearly tiptoed out of the bathroom, looking for any sign of Atsumu or his son. He was just about to call

out when he rounded the corner to his bedroom. Atsumu was reclined in the chair by his bed, Sakusa’s sleeping son on his chest, as he hummed a tune. “He has barely slept in days,” Sakusa felt exhaustion tugging on his eyelids. “Looks like ya haven’t either,” Atsumu whispered

back. “Lay down. I’ve got him. Yer no good to him if ya don’t get some rest, too.” It was hours later that Sakusa woke up, alone in the bedroom. He yawned so hard his jaw cracked as he walked to the kitchen. Atsumu was feeding his son a bottle, giggling over something.

“Can’t believe yer daddy was hiding ya from me,” Atsumu rubbed his finger over a soft, chubby cheek. “Trying to keep yer cuteness all to himself. So selfish.” Sakusa watched from the doorframe, heart pounding in his chest. Watching his son be cared for, doted on, by the man

who had been driving him crazy since they were teenagers was not something he foresaw that morning. Now, he just had to figure out how to keep him.

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