chelle 💭 harbinger apologist

chelle 💭 harbinger apologist



nsfw / whiny bottom atsumu crying out as kiyoomi pounds into him without rest. writhing under kiyoomi’s hands, it all becomes too much as he climbs to his release. smug top kiyoomi who loves to see atsumu cry folds him in half to lean in to whispers against his sweaty

temple, “are you gonna cum, baby?” it causes fresh tear to roll down atsumu’s cheeks as kiyoomi some how picks up speed, his cock dragging along atsumu sensitive walls as he can only manage to nod at the question. kiyoomi, whose surprisingly vocal, can’t help

but ask what he already knows the answers to, “yeah? you close atsu? you gonna cum? yeah? fuck, come for me baby.” atsumu cries out, coming on command, as kiyoomi mumbles sweet praises into his skin that do nothing to dwindle the flame roaring under his skin.

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