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Tiffany 💝ONEUS MALUS 🐍🍎



MALUS Visual Film Theory (in collaboration with @fkinbnnuy ) It’s a long ride, sit back, buckle up and let’s go. #ONEUS #MALUS #Same_Scent #My_MALUS_is_ONEUS @official_ONEUS

The Basics: Each member has their own MALUS and “forbidden” fruit, which essentially represents what they desire the most. Garden of Eden re-interpreted: false paradise, Adam and Eve, the Serpent, “forbidden” fruit.

ONEUS re-interpreted as: paradise is false, the Serpent is not evil or malicious, the Serpent is the liberator, the warmth, and the one showing the truth to others. What the “God” instructs are lies, and people can make their own decisions.

Knowledge isn’t a sin, curiosity isn’t a sin, questioning isn’t a sin, they’re what makes humans human. The teasers aren’t in order: they tell a story in complementary parts, so we are going to rearrange them, so the parallels are more prominent.

Seoho…(the “...” is permanently associated with Seoho because...he’s…lethal) AHEM. Seoho - the History of Lucifer/the Serpent

Seoho's teaser is all about showcasing his immense amount of beauty, strength and composure. Makes sense, because in this lore, he is the fallen angel Lucifer, the misunderstood Serpent who meant to liberate humankind. He is the central figure and main character of this lore.

He is the Serpent, the central enlightener and the one who's involved in all 5 of the other members in helping them see the truth and liberate them from the false paradise.

His teaser has this exquisite and elegant depiction of sexuality, sensuality, sexual desire and eloquent erotica, done so gracefully, that you feel it's a sacred, precious and most treasured moment.

We're going to dig deeper with this analysis. Let's start with the color scheme. It's warm, but it looks cozy - something rather unexpected, if you think about biblical depiction of the place Lucifer rests? Exactly.

Seoho's teaser is the only warm-toned, while the other 5 are cool toned. This is because all the warmth, the gentleness, the liberation, the safety + security + reliability is Seoho and he is beginning to spread the truth to the others in order to liberate them.

The lighting is dim and intimate, the mood is soft and erotic, the floor is scattered with multiple fruits (pomegranates), glass globes, he has a wine glass filled with water.

Seoho's movements are fluid and flexible in Serpent like movements.There are many ways in which Seoho - the Serpent/Lucifer can reach and communicate with the remaining 5 members.

First: his pomegranates, fruit he transforms and distributes to them via portals created with water and light. Pomegranates make you think about Persephone and Hades. The pomegranate fruit was also given a classical Latin name, Malum granatum, meaning "grainy apple".

"The pomegranate is also said to be found in the Garden of Eden according to Ancient Iranian Christianity and was believed to be the real forbidden fruit rather than the apple."

"During the non-Christian Iranian tradition, Yalda Night, people come together on winter solstice and eat pomegranate fruit to celebrate the victory of light over darkness."

The glass globes and water is how Seoho is seeing, observing, communicating with the other 5. Notice how the other visual teasers all have some form of lighting, whether it is warm sunlight or bright light, this is all Seoho as he is spreading his warmth to the others.

Keonhee holds a black serpent because he is someone who Seoho approached directly. He is not scared, he is mesmerized and affectionate. It is exactly what he needed.

Water can work as a mirror. By pouring water on his face, with light shining on it, he's able to see the rest of ONEUS. It creates a mirror and it connects them. Plus... It's like he's washing off his "sin" and helps others wash it down because they've been told by false god.

Important note # 1 Seoho is in total control, it's his realm. Therefore, when he's arching back with his hands on his throat and then eyes, it's not because he's fighting his inner demons.

As these actions are seen in other films (parallels!) we can assume it's just him sensing the members and their hardships. But Seoho wants and CAN show them how to overcome their limits. Everything that's suffocating or blinding them.

Important note #2 Watching him can make us feel like we're sinning but eventually we realize that it's just raw beauty and a work of art we're looking at. It's not a sin to admire natural beauty and power.

With the delicate, alluring, tingling and calming music, the atmosphere in his visual film is in fact peaceful. We can feel the warmth, safety and reassurance. He isn't evil. He is the purest form of life.

Important note #3 He slow hip thrust is him gradually building up the arousal, the feelings, the emotions and peaking until he’s overflown The teaser is basically Seoho showcasing his arousal, sexuality, eroticism as the intimacy and sex is the closest, most precious and sacred.

It is intense, passionate, sexy, seductive, very private, exclusive, powerful, and strong.

He is IN TOTAL CONTROL, even if he lets other people on top or dominate, he sets the pace, the rhythm. It is the best type of control because he wants to give security, safety, and reliability so the other person is able to have the liberty to be free and let go.

He is feeling the lust, the feeling, the love all the time because he has that much adoration to give. He is accepting the temptation, fully embracing it, unashamed and he wears it proudly.

Important note #4 Pomegranates are supposed to be eaten seed by seed. Yet, he's taking a full, confident bite, looking up with the most alluring, sexual and confident gaze. He's not afraid of giving in to his Malus. He knows it's meant to be.

Daydream exists only until you make it happen, make it real. And he has the power to do so.

Important note # 5 It's amazing how he's able to look at you from all positions, still radiating power, but one that you feel safe around, that isn't a limitation to your existence. His gaze is immensely gentle and alluring.

Last note: With his musical background, we move to the next member in order, in whose teaser the music is complementary to Seoho's.

Keonhee - the History of Lilith

After Lilith was banned from Eden, she felt betrayed and alone. But she eventually embraced the feeling and found comfort in being independent, on her own. Keonhee's visual film is all about self-empowerment and he is Lilith.

As we know, Eve wasn't the first woman. It was in fact, Lilith. Created in the same way as Adam was (Eve came to life from his rib) , to become his loyal and obedient wife. Why did Lilith end up being thrown away and forgotten?

Lilith, as the first woman and one of the first humans, was pure. She knew no good or evil, she was innocent, born with no sin or flaw to her soul.

Yet, false god noticed she had one "flaw" that irritated him - she refused to lay under Adam, below him. She instead wanted them to lay side by side, as equals.

Keonhee in his visual film is dressed in white, which symbolizes his purity and innocence. But his shirt is unbuttoned, showing skin, something on the verge of sexual and taboo. But why do we think that way?

Keonhee is sick of prejudice that's surrounding him. He doesn't want to be seen that way - as weak, scared and afraid of "snapping".

Seoho finds him right away. He can see and FEEL that Keonhee is suffering, suffocating in his loneliness, being thrown away from Eden. But notice, how he's choking himself with his own hands? Because of false god, he believes he's sinned.

That his desire of knowledge and independence was a crime. Seoho helps him understand it's all lies and eventually, Keonhee embraces his solitude and all his "weaknesses", this time they're empowering him.

The color scheme is cold, toned down, despite the set being almost all white/light blue. This coldness represents the negative interpretation of solitude. Keonhee doesn't want to be alone, but he wants to be well on his own.

The only source of warm light is the sun behind the curtains, hinting the enlightenment that happens thanks to Seoho. Once the blinds (literal and metaphorical) are down, the truth will find its way.

He's staring at the snake with pure fascination and affection because he knows that this creature (Seoho in disguise) helped him liberate himself.

As he lets Seoho in, he becomes more and more confident, is able to lay down while still looking at you with a confident stare, intimidating one. He starts to read his books - gaining knowledge. They have black covers, but they aren't sinful.

Black contains all colors of the world! His malus is solitude because he wants to become independent, on his own, with no one limiting him or telling him what's good and what's wrong.

Keonhee's forbidden fruit, his malus, is a fig - an aphrodisiac, and a symbol of prosperity and fertility. It's everything that Keonhee needs to empower and liberate himself.

Important note # 1 At one point, he looks up from his knees with anger in his eyes. He's clearly fed up of feeling guilty for disobeying god and Adam, because someone imposed that guilt of him (In the lore, gender doesn't really matter - he IS Lilith.

The fig being a symbol of fertility also makes sense as Lilith had offspring… more on that later!)

Important note # 2 At one point, when he's trying to read his books, the paper cuts his fingertip. It may seem like books are bad for you, that they can hurt you… But encouraged by Seoho, Keonhee just sucks the blood off and he's unbothered.

The message is: even if the knowledge and truth is hard to swallow, it's still important and we shouldn't be scared of it.

Important note # 3 Behind Keonhee, we can see a painting or something that looks like pure chaos. But it's still on the wall, like a piece of art. What if chaos is the epitome of art and beauty? It's chaos, but a contained one.

Maybe it's hinting Seoho's realm, being right behind, close?

Hwanwoong - the History of demonic children of Lilith, the beauty of chaos and freedom

Hwanwoong visual film comes third, both in the release order and in the lore. It feels powerful and vigorous from the very beginning - his confident stare and the background music take us by surprise, as previous films were much calmer.

He's wearing shiny, silky shirt and sparkling gems on his face. The source of light, above him, isn't strong BUT it reflects in the jewellery, the dust on the floor and the crystals on the chandelier. The room remains dark, but the place where Hwanwoong is, shines brightly.

His malus is greed - and it could seem that being greedy is a sin. But is it? His "forbidden" fruit is a plum, which symbolizes vitality, vigor of nature, hope, preservance and transformation. They scream freedom, which is empowering and tempting, but definitely not a sin.

The message behind his film is that we don't need to feel guilty for desiring and being greedy for freedom. Our definition of "freedom" might and will be different, as this is something perceived individually. For some people, freedom is independence.

For others, it's simply an ability to make choices. Woong shows more than one interpretation.

First, it's the fact that he's wearing jewellery, something stereotypically associated with females. He's wearing it proudly on his face, the gems and crystals only enhancing his handsomeness.

It's an important reminder that fashion knows no gender and everyone can wear what they think is beautiful.

Second, the blindfold. Our first thought would be - he's blinded, someone is making him vulnerable and unable to see the truth! But if we let go of these thoughts, we can notice that he's… enjoying it.

He's not unable to take off the blindfold. He is in fact choosing to wear it, because it's exciting. It's his free will to do so.

This is another important message - there's nothing wrong in being submissive sometimes, engaging in (even sexuality!) play. He is playful in his teaser, doing what he enjoys the most.

He's comfortable and he can take the blindfold off when he wants to. He's being playful with his malus fruit as well.

In his film, there are two sides of Woong - the submissive and the dominant. His dominance shows when he's looking at us, when he's dancing. We all remember the "worship me" lyrics, it's hard to say No to them, when he's being so confident and amazing, showing off his skills!

There is something about his dance that enhances the message - the fact it's freestyle dance. Some could say that freestyle is chaotic, but weren't we reminded that there's art and beauty in chaos?

This chaos is contained, controlled even. Yes, Hwanwoong can control chaos. He is the master of chaos.

Important note # 1 Notice how he's leaning against the chair while being blindfolded - there's a hint of playfulness, of pure enjoyment. He's not just submissive. He's controlling the situation and his own submission.

It's extremely important to note that submission ≠ being deprived of control. And when he's laying down, he makes you feel like he's still in control.

Important note # 2 The undoubtedly female hand giving him the fruit makes sense when we remember that Hwanwoong, the demon of chaos, is an offspring of Lilith!

Even if Keonhee plays the role of Lilith in the lore, plum representing transformation and transition makes perfect sense if we want to explain why it was suddenly a manicured female hand.

Also, apart from the light and shimmer, there aren't many parts that link Woong's film directly with Seoho's. There are visible parallels (serpent-like dance, laying down on the floor, blinding your eyes).

But here, it's Lilith who plays an important part in reshaping Hwanwoong's mindset.

Ravn - the History of first vampires and giving in to human desires

To start off with, this time the order is as it's supposed to be, with the message of Hwanwoong's film continuing (the most obvious parallel is the music of course). Lilith was believed to be the mother of first vampires, and Ravn hinted the vampire theme a lot!

Vampires can hypnotize their prey to make them vulnerable. But Ravn, he seems to be hypnotizing himself with the metronomes. It seems like he's afraid and reluctant to embrace his nature - which others often perceive as evil.

Vampires were also an offspring of Lilith, but they were "cursed" with both immortality and a never ending, shameful craving for human blood.

He's looking powerful and dominant in his suit at first glance, but there isn't much dominance in his eyes. Instead of being confident, he somehow seems shy, unsure. The way he's leaning against the chair is very different than Hwanwoong's.

He looks vulnerable, his arms and legs almost limp, which contrasts with his clothes here and his image he likes showing off whenever he can. You know, our cool 😎 raflame? It feels so different and unfamiliar to see him like this. Hence why his malus is control…

A quick reminder: malus is something we're supposed to give in to. Why is Ravn's malus control, when he's looking like Mr Grey at first sight? There's an explanation to that. (It's okay, we all thought of 50 shades of grey at first)

The fact that vampires need to prey and feed on human blood, makes them extremely vulnerable and in need of total submission to the desire and hunger. They need to give in to that raw temptation, although it makes them look like monsters. Are they really monsters?

As we explore the human nature in all visual films, there's a valuable lesson in Ravn's one. Nature isn't always perfect. It's sometimes chaotic, brutal, raw. Sometimes it's about primitive desires, things we made taboo in our cultures.

There's this common misconception that being under control equals being deprived of free will. It is Ravn's will to give in, to become fully submissive to the thought, thing or person, however we interpret it. He wants it.

Right after the metronome and the beat kicks in, the lights start to shine brighter, hinting that Seoho has made connection and that there has been some progress or revelation. Then the atmosphere changes.

As Ravn loosens his fit, he becomes more comfortable with the thought of being submissive and under someone/something else's control. The camera angles make him look up at the viewer, his gaze being soft and anticipating.

He's tracing fingers down his nose, delicately. This subtle touch makes him look flustered and given the metronomes and implied hypnosis, he's most likely giving in his imagination, however new, novel or unfamiliar it might be to someone who's never been submissive before.

Then, there's this very obvious metaphor of being under control - he's restrained and on top of the table. It doesn't look like he's uncomfortable or trying to escape. He looks up with anticipation, it's still what he wants!

The word "control" is on his wrist like a handcuff but notice how his hands remain unrestrained, meaning he could free and release himself if he wished to. The point is, he doesn't.

Even when he lets the moon necklace out of his mouth instead of biting on it, he's showing full submission instead of control.

His malus is raspberry, crushed and juicy, looking a bit similar to blood. Instead of biting on it, he smears it against his lips. Raspberries symbolize fragility but also gentleness, love and maternity.

Now, do we remember Keonhee's part with the papercut? And the fact he's Lilith, the mother of vampires?

In Greek mythology, which is also present in ONEUS lore, it says that raspberries were originally white and tainted red with nymph Ida's blood. This fruit makes sense as malus.

Important note # 1 Notice how his outfit and the room's design make you think of a company's CEO or someone equally important. It's just the outside, not the whole picture.

His inner self is full of insecurities and worries, he needs to hypnotize himself to even think of behaving differently.

Important note # 2 His expression changes as he fully embraces his inner desire to let go of control, even for a while. He looks confident and this is another important take: there is free will and confidence in submission, too!

Xion- History of Eve and true meaning of innocence

His MALUS is Innocence and his fruit is cherry- which represents innocence, renewal, purity, prosperity, ephemeral beauty and evolution

Definition of innocence: free of guilt It is different from childish or children as the terms speak for itself, CHILD. Xion is an ADULT.

Innocence does not mean one is naive, no sexuality, lack of knowledge or any other human desire. The definition indicates it is free of guilt, and guilt is an emotion that comes when a person has done something wrong.

Maturity and sexuality are very natural and beautiful parts of humans. The only valid reason for someone to feel guilt is this: harming others intentionally either emotionally, psychologically or physically.

He is Eve, and it is widely known in the Bible, mythology, and literature, she is Adam’s wife created by “God” and the one the Serpent approaches and tempts to take a bite from the fruit that was forbidden to them by “God” because it will bring about death and suffering.

Xion’s visual film teaser is set in a place that can represent Garden of Eden with the floral sceneries, however the flowers are plastic and fake, meaning it is an illusion, the paradise and the Garden is fake and it’s false.

He is dressed up according to the most common misconception of innocence (understood as: being oblivious and naive, and non-sexual LIKE a child but not AS a child. He and Eve are ADULTS ffs).

The clothes are chosen purposely, as it was false god's will to perceive his first humans as the stereotypically "innocent" creatures. Someone dressed up like that can't get "corrupted" by evil, right?

The light that is seen shining through and melting the ice cube is Seoho creatively coming to Xion to free him from the false paradise and enlighten him with the truth.

Now, why is his malus innocence and why does he have the ME word inside a drawn heart?

He's enslaved, forced to live in a corrupted world, full of lies. The illusion of free will is keeping him there, but he feels like Lucifer is right, encouraging him to take a bite off forbidden fruit. It's just a little cherry, after all.

When we are born, we know no good or evil. But we are curious of the world and it's the curiosity which is the purest and most innocent human trait. This is what Xion desires. His malus, true innocence.

He also seems like his desire is to love himself. But how can you say you love yourself when you can't accept your "wrongs"? He was made believe that his curiosity is a sin. That's also his malus, self-love and acceptance.

Unlike with Keonhee, Seoho could not directly approach him himself because the false “God” is monitoring and protecting Xion’s every move. He is trying to reach him via mirrors, water and light, all present in their films.

The ice cube melting is an indication that the lies and facade is starting to break and fall-through as the true, shining and warmth light is seeping in. The false paradise and lies of bliss and happiness in the absence of truth and humanity.

Important Note #1: Xion is the Eve to Leedo’s Adam, who is the one to convince him to accept the truth and have him embrace human nature in its entirety.

Important Note #2: Cherries are usually related to innocence and Xion placed the fruit in his mouth without biting it. So his innocence remains as he begins to embrace himself, gain the desire to obtain knowledge, explore his sexuality, grow and mature.

His innocence remains intact because he is free from guilt, he understands all of these are natural, beautiful and not sinful, wrong or mistakes. Plus, we don't see his cherry "pop".

Important note #3 His musical background is complementary to Leedo's but it sounds distorted - that is another sign of the Eden being a false paradise.

Last important note: to everyone who dared to misinterpret his teaser as something leading to p word - sincerely, fuck you. You are sick and it's suspicious that you could even THINK that way.

Leedo - the History of Adam and embracing our human nature in its entirety

Adam, as it is well-known in the Bible, mythology and literature, is the first man created by “God” and he’s the husband to Eve who eventually took a bite of the forbidden fruit and was cast out of “paradise”.

This was considered the first “sin”, which is a rather simple and completely natural emotion: curiosity. “It is a sin to be curious, to question and to just listen to instructions blindly because they were given the promise of paradise.”

This sounds like a false promise, a lie and a way to stop people from thinking and knowing the truth.

Leedo’s visual film is soft, heavenly, “serene” but there’s eroticism, intimacy and pleasure. Although the visual film is very bright, light and soft, there is a soft eroticism, sensuality and maturity. It is natural, very beautiful, and very human.

Leedo wakes up in the morning from a night of passion and he is in absolute bliss as he seems to be reminiscing afterwards. He seems to be in a daze as he sits up in bed, naked and just revering in the feeling and emotion of it all.

The nakedness is a human’s most natural, most unhidden and beautiful form. As people create paintings and sculptures of sceneries, animals, naturalistic backgrounds, they forget the work of art that is closer to home, more intimate and very much familiar: the human body.

Eventually, he begins to dress up, make the bed, and he seemingly is messing around and enjoying domestic bliss.

Then, there is another moment where he lies back down, pants unbuttoned, lifts his shirt slightly and he has a blissful, pleasurable, slightly submissive expression as the emotions and feelings of intimacy and happiness comes back to him.

Afterwards, he continues his regular, domestic morning routines: shaving, brushing teeth and playing around with water splashes. His malus is serenity, he wants a happy, healthy relationship and life, the daily domestic bliss is very precious.

Happiness is how an individual defines it for themselbes, it is not based on other people point of view or ideals. The false god deceived and gave him a false “happiness” or paradise.

“You will have everything you want and need in paradise as long as you do not eat the fruit from the tree”. This is a false paradise because there is no free will, no mind, and does not allow disobedience.

When the water is splashed onto Leedo, this is how Seoho is able to see him and as he wipes off the droplets of water, he reaches the apple submerged in water and places his lips on it.

It could be that he was reluctant to bite it, but a soft kiss looks like a promise made to Eve. We know that eventually, Adam bit the apple. We also know that Eve was pure and loving, which is why a kiss-sealed promise makes sense.

Important Note #1: Leedo is the Adam to Xion’s Eve, these two visual films are complementary. Seoho had to get creative when approaching Xion because he is being protected by the false god.

He got to Xion via sunlight and mirrors, as it is mentioned earlier, Seoho is the one bringing warmth to the other members and he’s able to see via mirrors and water.

Important Note #2: The camera is the false god looking in, Leedo wants a more natural, carefree, and truthful life than the false paradise that he has been placed into.

Seoho is not speaking to him directly, his influence is on Xion (Eve) and it is Xion who convinces Leedo to see the truth, to rip off the blindfold and to free themselves from the lies and false happiness.

Important Note #3: The ice cube is being melted by Seoho’s sunlight as he sheds truth (including sexuality because he’s an ADULT) onto Xion. When Xion traces it down his throat, the water droplets are visible in exact same place on Leedo's throat, going down his Adam's apple.

It's hinting that he lets Eve influence him, he's being perceptive and beginning to accept the truth, to what she wants him to see. He trusts his wife, Eve. The obvious parallel with cream - shaving and edible cream, which they are being playful with.

Important Note #4: Notice how in their films, both Leedo and Xion are smiling and look visibly happy and comfortable all the time.

Eve truly loved Adam. She didn't want to trick him, she meant no harm. She wanted to liberate him. Xion learnt the truth first but had to play dumb and pretend in front of false god…

But in front of Leedo, who is Adam in this story, Xion didn't pretend. His smile is warm, genuine and reassuring, his gaze soft. He wanted Leedo to feel safe first, so he would follow him to the new world of truth and knowledge.

Final note: There is a hint to the myth of Narcissisus, with the daffodils surrounding Xion, and his outstanding beauty and youth being showcased. But Narcissisus fell in love with his own reflection, selfishly.

Xion on the other hand, is Eve, Adam's loving wife. He wants to love himself but not in an egoistic way. When he's looking at the mirror, he's not looking at his reflection but at us, the viewers. He isn't the selfish Narcissisus, the heartbreaker.

Daffodils are believed to symbolize rebirth, a new beginning. In Christianity, they are the representation of an eternal life, which suits the narrative of Eden, the false paradise. Imagine an eternity while being completely oblivious?

Brief relation to TBONTB: This is the dreamlike state they are in, it’s a false reality Helios put them in to imprison their minds, while their physical bodies are trapped by the shattered remains of the sun chariot and their souls/spirits/powers remain in the necklace.

What happened in No Diggity and Bring it On could be the illusion they were put under. They were made to believe they escaped the spell but in reality, they haven’t yet and this is them beginning to realize. #ONEUS #MALUS #Same_Scent #My_MALUS_is_ONEUS

Thank you and this is the end of the thread! #ONEUS #원어스 #MALUS #Same_Scent #TOMOON #My_MALUS_is_ONEUS @official_ONEUS

THREAD UPDATE - SAME SCENT CHOREOGRAPHY ANALYSIS 🤔 (not sure how long!) In collaboration with @fkinbnnuy

The opening scene is angel Lucifer with his wings resting on the floor, majestically. His eyes are covered because he was at false god's realm, oblivious and obedient. But there was another side of him (notice: Hwanwoong looking like a second head)+

+ confident and powerful, which bothered false god. That "evil" side of Lucifer got him banished from the heaven realm, because he disobeyed, choosing freedom. We can then see Seoho uncovering his eyes and Woong hiding behind him as if they merged into one.

Lucifer knew that he's strong, intelligent, independent, powerful and beautiful, he knew he should be confident instead of just playing an insignificant role in false god's play. It wasn't Lucifer, who was jealous. It was the other way round...

In the choreography we can see his story of choosing freedom and self-empowerment. He wanted to liberate other victims of false paradise and the price was his banishment and - the last part of the choreo looks like his wings are being painfully severed (sh+hw) +

+ BUT!!! Other members are doing a certain pose which makes us think Seoho/Lucifer's majestic power is being spread. It did happen - his "downfall" was the new beginning and we can see the impact of him becoming a fallen angel with a mission (other members than sh&hw final pose)

more to the Same Scent choreography analysis will definitely come in nearest future, as for now: please read carefully and enjoy MALUS Visual Film Theory thread made in collab w/@fkinbnnuy #ONEUS #Same_Scent #ONEUS_SAME_SCENT #MALUS @official_ONEUS #findingtomoon #tomoon

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