tai 🦔 || eternal wips

tai 🦔 || eternal wips



thinking of baby foxtsumu meeting little omi. omi's family runs a restaurant full-time, and they live above the restaurant. omi goes back to the restaurant after his day at school and will get a snack before going up to the apartment. one rainy day, omi hears some noises from +

the dumpster when he's walking back home, and as a curious five year old, goes to investigate. he finds a little fox kit, sitting before a torn trash bag, chewing on food scraps. the kit seems to startle when it notices omi and makes a move to run away. but the fox kit is cute +

and omi feels bad for it. "wait! i can get you something better to eat than trash!" to his surprise, the little fox kit stops, turning to look over its shoulder at him. "stay there, i'll be right back." omi hurries into the restaurant and scampers back behind the counter +

he says hello to his mother, who hands him his snack of umeboshi onigiri and two yakitori skewers. he feels bad when he lies and tells his mother he has homework, so he'll be going back to the apartment. omi takes the back door and pokes his head back outside and the fox kit is+

still there, sitting curled up against the wall. it perks up when omi comes back to sit down next to it. it creeps up to omi and omi carefully pulls some pieces of yakitori from the skewer to hold it out to the fox kit who takes it eagerly, gulping it down, licking omi's fingers+

after. omi eats his onigiri with his other hand as he feeds the fox kit small bits and pieces until the small canine curls up next to omi with a contented sound. omi pets the fox, a small smile on his face. "you're cute. where did you come from? are you lost?" the fox kit lets+

out little barks in response, nuzzling omi's hand. omi giggles. "it's like you can understand me." the fox butts against omi's leg. "if you're lost or hungry, you can come back here and i can give you food. maybe i can help you find your way back home if you're lost." +

the fox nods at him. they stay like that for a while until the fox kit stands up, nuzzling omi's knee before it trots off to the entrance of the alleyway, glancing over its shoulder. omi waves, "come back tomorrow." the fox's ears twitch, and it nods before it scurries away. +

the next day, the fox is back, waiting patiently for omi, tail tucked over its hind paws. omi does the same thing as he did yesterday, but today his mom is too busy to talk to him, instead just handing him his plate of food. omi goes back out to feed the fox kit and talk to it +

it becomes a routine. omi's parents are too busy to check on what omi's actually doing, and he feeds the fox kit every afternoon. sometimes, there are two fox kits, and omi feeds them both. omi doesn't know how much time has passed, when one day, he turns into the alley to find +

a young boy, maybe about his age, with fox ears and a fox tail, perched atop an overturned crate. "omi-omi!" the fox-boy chirps. omi stares. "who are you?" omi asks. the fox-boy pouts. "i'm the fox you've been feedin'! i'm atsumu, nice ta meet ya! thanks fer everythin' omi!" +

"oh." omi blinks. "you're a shifter?" atsumu nods, ears flopping atop his head. he's dressed in ripped clothes, and omi wonders if he has any spare clothes that will fit. "my twin samu and i are both shifters." atsumu says, puffing his chest out proudly, teeth sharp as he grins+

omi guesses that "samu" is the other fox that he's been feeding occasionally. "do you have a home?" omi asks. atsumu's ears droop. "no," atsumu frowns. "samu and i live wherever we can. we eat whenever we can." omi can see atsumu's ribs against his skin. "but ya've been helpin+

us both a lot!" atsumu beams. "we wanted to thank ya, but samu's gettin' sicker and weaker." omi's glad that he's been giving atsumu little parcels of food before he leaves. "let me get some things from my room and i'll come with you." omi says, ducking into the building before+

atsumu can protest. omi grabs some simple medicines - herbal ones that are easy to digest - and a handful of snacks from the kitchen, shoving them into his backpack along with a few spare shirts, pants and old blankets. he runs back down only to bump into his father. "kiyoomi, +

i need to talk to you." omi feels his heart stutter in his chest. "yes, papa?" "i know you've been feeding those two little fox kits." omi feels his breath stop. "they're not bad!" omi immediately blurts. "they're shifters, and they're hungry and they don't have a home." +

his father places a soft hand on omi's head. "i know, kiyoomi, i know. i'm not here to tell you to stop feeding them. i'm letting you know that i've spoken to your mother, and we are willing to take them in for the time being." omi feels his heart lighten. his father ruffles +

omi's hair. "i can tell you care for them." omi nods vigorously and darts back outside. atsumu's still there, hunched over himself, rubbing at his bare arms in the cold autumn air. "atsumu!" the name feels strange on his tongue. it's the first time he's ever referred to the fox+

by something other than "you". atsumu looks up, ears pricking up. "omi-omi!" "my papa said that you and your brother can stay with us for a little bit!" omi says proudly. atsumu lights up. "really?" omi nods. "then c'mon, omi! follow me!" atsumu dashes out of the alley with +

omi close behind. they find osamu about ten minutes later, curled up on a bed of worn and torn newspapers, shivering with a scrap of fabric pulled over his matted fur. omi carefully picks him up, nose wrinkling at the smell of sick, and atsumu hovers nervously. omi leads the +

way back to the restaurant, where he finds his papa waiting for him in the alley. "there's a bath prepared for the foxes upstairs," he says, glancing over at a nervous atsumu and osamu, who's breathing is still labored in omi's arms. "a futon and clothes have been set out in +

your room, kiyoomi." he glances at atsumu. "is there anything that you or your brother would like to have to eat or drink?" "just water," atsumu squeaks, hiding behind omi, fingers curled in the fabric at his shoulders, ears tickling omi's neck. "some yakitori skewers too," +

omi adds. his father nods, ruffles omi's hair again and disappears back into the restaurant. omi leads the way up to the apartment and to the bathroom, where he shows atsumu where the towels and washcloths are. he carefully sets osamu down in the sink and starts to run some +

warm water to clean his fur whilst atsumu strips and slips into the bath with a happy trilling noise. omi is careful as he bathes osamu, having to drain the water every couple of washes, soaping the silver fox up until the water runs clear, and he smells of citrus. atsumu's +

half hanging out of the tub, chin resting on the lip, dozing, and omi wraps osamu up in a towel, drying his fur gently. he doesn't want to wake atsumu, but he reaches for the shampoo and starts to soap up atsumu's hair. the fox shifter purrs, eyes fluttering open. omi murmurs an+

apology, and finishes washing atsumu's hair. they drain the dirty water and atsumu rinses off before omi hands him a fluffy towel that he wraps himself up in, ears twitching happily. omi picks up osamu and leads them to his bedroom, where atsumu tugs on new clothes with an +

awed look on his face. a big grin overtakes his lips when osamu stirs, grey eyes blinking open slowly. "samu! we have a home for now!" atsumu immediately cheers, tail wagging happily behind him. osamu blinks up at him, seemingly confused, before his eyes find omi, and they turn+

into tired crescent moons, huffing softly, butting his head against omi's hand. while atsumu eats at the table, omi prepares a simple broth with his limited cooking knowledge, dissolving a couple herbal tablets in the soup as his father instructed and brings it to osamu. +

it takes a bit for the twins to get accustomed to living in a house rather than outside, but they're polite, respectful and help with jobs when omi's father and mother ask them to. despite omi's father claiming it was only a temporary situation, the little fox twins make their +

new home with omi and his family, above their little restaurant. //fin.

that really did not go as planned but oh well dfsafjdsjf

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