15 threads on marketing and growth. 🎮Cheat code activated 🧵

1. Thread on Marketing channels and how to use them: by @hrishiptweets

2. Thread on growth hacking strategies: by @alexgarcia_atx

3. Thread on copy writing tips (7): by @iammarcthomas

4. Thread on build in public: by @panphora

5. Thread on lean transformation in a factory highlighting communication issues and importance of mixed discipline teams: by @ericries

6. 10 marketing lessons from 10 years marketing: by @theandreboso

7. Thread with some take aways from Jeff Bezos 23 yearly shareholder letters: by @sumitgrrg

8. Lessons from a start up CEO: by @Suhail

9. 18 ways to use DMs to grow: by @heyblake

10. A collection of 6 threads on business and thinking by @SahilBloom collated by @james_d_baird

11. 10 changes in how I run my latest startup by @warikoo

12. The future of clubhouse by @ShaanVP by @ShaanVP

13. 25 marketing threads that will team you more than any marketing class by @alexgarcia_atx

14. 6 threads better than a college degree collated by @james_d_baird

15. Thread on Cold DM strats by @janet_yen1

Hope you got some value out of that, so much great content here, take your time with it. If you want to follow along my journey as I BIP and document what works and what doesn't I document everything here ➡️@SneddoBuilds

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