N'Golo ▂▃▅ 83%… 🙏

N'Golo ▂▃▅ 83%… 🙏



🥩 RAW MEAT 🥩 or, how I learned to heal my body. Let's use a city as a metaphor, to make it easier to see things with fresh eyes: All over the place, new houses are being built. Old houses demolished, trash cleaned out, and so on.

If you add building materials to the scene, the little men with the funny yellow helmets would start using them to make new houses. What happens if all the building materials were damaged by fire? It's no longer feasible to build with them, it's garbage now!

...And what happens with garbage? We burn it for energy. We've arrived at the end of the metaphor now. Now, ask yourself this: Are we made from the same building blocks as other animals? The answer is 99.99999% yes, we are. Many of these are incredibly complex molecules.

This begs the follow-up question; how heat-resistant is the good stuff? Well, why don't you put your hand in the frying pan to see for yourself. So, HOW did we end up here? Why is the entire world eating cooked food if it's inferior? The answer may surprise you!

Supplying energy for everyone is the #1 priority for a society. The actual health of the populace, is a mere bonus: people are expendable from a societal standpoint.

Cooking has recently been shown to increase calories (google it) which surprised scientists, and caught them off-guard. They wouldn't have raised an eyebrow if they understood the garbage metaphor.

Hence, cooking is good for society, it allows civilizations to grow, conquering more primitive societies through sheer numbers.

For the individual, things are different. When you get served processed food, your health is paying for society's benefit.

It works well, because all institutions serve society and not you, so everyone has gotten the memo, they'll tell you that meat is unhealthy, cholesterol is dangerous, and raw meat the worst of all!

They're right - they just never had you in mind. This is becoming increasingly transparent, as the mainstream narrative shifts from "this is good for YOU" to "this is good for the PLANET".

The former is a lie too big to be sold these days, and the latter is obviously only using the environment as a proxy for society.

Why is eating raw meat so stigmatized? It is simply because factory farms have made meat unsafe or is it something larger?

It's stigmatized because healing hurts. Your body is full of toxins. Eating quality food will allow your body to expel them.

This is easily measurable, you can run a lab test on your sweat, feces, mucus to see for yourself: when eating good food, you'll be dumping heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and so on.

The core of the problem is that the concept of health has been corrupted into symptom prevention, for reasons stated above. Eating raw meat is the individual's rebellion against civilization, an act of insurgency everytime you do it.

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