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HOW TO BUILD UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE I will teach you the ONLY mindset you need to become a man worthy of admiration and respect. // THREAD //

Understand this: Confidence is not something you're born with. Confidence is not something that will magically fall into your lap after achieving one thing. Confidence comes from SURVIVING FAILURE.

You might think you can't talk to girls because you aren't confident enough. If you believe this, your mind is broken. You have it completely backwards. You aren't confident enough BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T TALKED TO ENOUGH GIRLS.

The guy who's never been rejected is extremely scared of rejection. The guy who has 1000 rejections under his belt can talk to girls effortlessly. He doesn't give a fuck about the outcome. The worst that can happen has already happened to him countless times before.

When you get comfortable with rejection, you basically remove your only excuse not to talk to her. Your barrier to approaching her is fear that she's going to say "no". But when you've been told "no" a thousand times, and survived to tell the tale, what else are you afraid of?

This isn't just about girls. This is true for EVERY SINGLE WORTHWHILE ENDEAVOR. Anything from MMA to tennis to tap dancing. The road to any respectable goal on this planet is paved with blood, sweat, and tears.

Want to get good at chess? You need to lose thousands of games. Want to get good at fighting? You need to get beat up thousands of times. Want to build a successful business? You need to lose thousands of dollars.

Every successful man on this planet is EXCITED to fail. Why? Because every failure is a learning opportunity. When you win, what do you get? A pat on the back and that's about it. You don't gain any new information.

When you do something correctly, all you learn is that you did the right thing. You don't learn anything new. You simply confirm what you ALREADY KNEW. When you fail, however, you learn exactly what NOT to do and what to try next. And that is infinitely more valuable.

If you want to get good at chess, you don't smoke people lower rated than you for eternity. You will NEVER get better that way. It might massage your ego, but you're not improving. The only way to improve is to face people better than you and LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

Once you understand that FAILURE is the only thing that will turn you into a man of value, you will actively start seeking it. You're no longer afraid of trying things. The only thing preventing you is failure, and you now understand that failure makes you grow as a man.

You are now ready. I've equipped you with the mindset you need. All you have to do now is TAKE ACTION. I will teach you 8 easy steps you can take TODAY to become a high value man. Completely free. Click here to download your guide.

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