// miyacest + nsfw Osamu and Atsumu always slept in each others beds. There was no problem, sometimes it was just better having another body next to you. Someone to cuddle, to hug, to comfort in the dead of night.

This particular night, Atsumu was telling his twin about a new girl in his class, how she has the biggest set of tits he’s seen on a girl their age. “They’re almost as big as yours, Osamu!” Atsumu says, looking at his brother. They were both currently laying on the bottom bunk

Osamu in his side facing Atsumu while Atsumu was on his back, hands behind his head. Osamu scrunches up his nose, “what do ya mean just as big as mine?” Atsumu grinned, reaching his hand up, grabbing Osamu’s chest and squeezing it. “Dude ya tits are big.”

Osamu tries to smacks Atsumu’s hand away but before he can, Atsumu jumps on top of Osamu, holding down his shoulders. “Come one Samu, just let me get a feel! It’s not like it means anything. Plus yer a guy, so it’s not like it’ll affect me.” “What the fuck Tsumu.

“Come onnnnn Samu, just let me…” as he trails off, he lifts up Osamu’s shirt, revealing his round, soft chest. Atsumu assumed all the extra weight his brother gained went right to his tits because they were larger than average, definitely larger than his.

“Tsumu what the fuck are ya doing??” Osamu exclaimed, trying to put his shirt back down. “Dude just let me squeeze them for like…two seconds?” Osamu tense face, now bright red, begins to relax. “Fine, only two seconds.”

A wide grin spread across Atsumu’s face. He runs his hands lightly across Osamu’s stomach, making his twin shiver. When he gets to Osamu’s tits, he grabs them fully in both hands. His nipples pink and perky. He looked just like a women’s body…and Atsumu loved it.

He pushed Osamu’s tits together, loving the way they fit perfectly in his hands. He ran his finger over the hard nipples. Osamu let out a light gasped, instinctively grabbing Atsumu’s waist. “Tsumu…” Osamu warned, his voice slightly wavering.

Before Atsumu could think straight, he tilted his head down, taking Osamu’s nipple into his mouth. Osamu’s loud moan suddenly filled the room as Atsumu began sucking on the bud. He rolled between around in his teeth and tongue, loving the small gasps and moans Osamu was making.

Atsumu let go of Osamu’s nipple. It was pink and swollen, larger than normal, screaming to be teased again. Atsumu watched the trail of saliva lead from his mouth to Osamu’s nipple. He looked up as his brother, suddenly remembering this isn’t a woman, this is his twin.

Feelings of disgusted began to pool into Atsumu’s stomach. Not disgust because this was his brother, his twin. He was disgusted that he didn’t care, he wanted nothing more than to take care of his and Osamu’s hard ons right now, any way he can.

Osamu, face flushed a bright shade of read, eyes watering, looking utterly pathetic. Atsumu loved it, loved that he made his brother look like that. Only he wants to make him come this unraveled. Before Osamu can say anything, Atsumu grabs his tits again.

This time though, he grinds down against Osamu, rubbing his clothed hard cock directly onto Osamu’s. Osamu gasped quickly turned into moan another moan, Atsumu rutting against him quickly, chasing their climaxes. “Tsumu!” Osamu exclaimed, head titling back, mouth open

Atsumu leaned down again, sucking onto Osamu’s nipples, squeezing his tits hard, not stopping rutting against his brother once. Osamu begin thrusting upwards, meeting Atsumu’s strides perfectly. It didn’t take long before both twins came in their underwear.

Atsumu falls back on his side, both brother panting heavily. The silence between them was heavy, Atsumu didn’t know what to say. Was Osamu as okay with this as he was? Osamu whisper “uh…thanks I think? I uh…didn’t know yah wanted to do that.” I didn’t, Atsumu thinks.

It’s you’re fault your tits are like a woman’s. Atsumu doesn’t say anything. “I’m gonna go change.” Osamu says as he gets up, going to his dresser. “Osamu.” “Yeah?” “Next time im gonna fuck yer tits until I cum on yer face.” Osamu swallows, not looking at Atsumu, “okay.”

I am sorry if it is bad or there are grammar mistakes, I wrote this quickly and only proof read it once

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