1/ Scheming, tricksy thieving EU citizens are bleeding our precioussss NHS claims Gollum of the NHS @MattHancock

@MattHancock 2/ @MattHancock endorses this from torrent of bullshit supremo @michaelgove

@MattHancock @michaelgove 3/ In essence they say dastardly EU types come to the UK without control and get access to the NHS for FREEEEEE 🤮🤮🤮

@MattHancock @michaelgove 4/ Well now. Firstly EU types are subject to directive 2004/38 which sets out some limits on being in the UK. For example

@MattHancock @michaelgove 5/ So EU citizens don’t come here without control, it is just incompetents like @michaelgove that, well, flat out lie

@MattHancock @michaelgove 6/ Secondly access to the NHS is free if you are ordinarily resident in the UK

@MattHancock @michaelgove 7/ Ordinarily resident is defined as follows

@MattHancock @michaelgove 8/ So an EU citizen has to be here lawfully which means subject to directive 2004/38. Again a quick reminder

@MattHancock @michaelgove 9/ So an example would be if you work here in the UK. For example these types of EU citizens

@MattHancock @michaelgove 10/ And we know how much extra goes to the NHS for each of these pesky EU types coming over here and contributing to the UK. An extra £458 a year to the NHS

@MattHancock @michaelgove 11/ That is right folks, pesky EU types lawfully in the UK pay more into the NHS per year than us superior UK types. Hmmm 🤔

@MattHancock @michaelgove 12/ @MattHancock would no doubt say he is not talking about “those” EU citizens, you know, the “other” ones...

@MattHancock @michaelgove 13/ Oh the ones not “lawfully resident”. They are truly the perniciousness ones 👹👹

@MattHancock @michaelgove 14/ Again let’s go back to directive 2004/38 and the need for EU citizens not in work to have health insurance

@MattHancock @michaelgove 15/ and here is the UK guidance on this. To be exercising Treaty rights you need insurance which also covers where the UK is able to claim costs back from another member state

@MattHancock @michaelgove 16/ You mean if an EU citizen who is here but not paying MORE THAN THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAX ALREADY, and goes to the NHS, the UK can claim the costs back?

@MattHancock @michaelgove 17/ Well yes! So why is the UK not reclaiming these amounts?

@MattHancock @michaelgove 18/ So let’s clear this up. If you are not a UK resident but from the EU, the UK can reclaim the cost of NHS treatment but chooses not to? 🤔🤔🤔

@MattHancock @michaelgove 19/ Well UK GOV reckons it could recover an extra £290m a year

@MattHancock @michaelgove 20/ Crikey. Who is the person in charge of this fiasco?

@MattHancock @michaelgove 21/ @MattHancock 🙄

@MattHancock @michaelgove 22/ You mean @MattHancock is costing the NHS a Graylingesque £290m a year?

@MattHancock @michaelgove 23/ So why is he blaming EU types?

@MattHancock @michaelgove 24/ Well, because he is not being straight with you and is being paid not to be so

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