Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 16 🦊 Escort // fem Osamu, older Atsumu, blackmail, sex work

Osamu had taken a number of clients by then, some surprised her, being younger or more handsome than average but nothing prepared her for the shock of opening the hotel room room to see Atsumu.

The prestigious culinary school that she attended was more expensive than the Miya family could really afford. So when she found out how her roommate afforded such nice things she started working part time as an escort.

It was easy enough to fit in between school, and the work was fine. Mostly she had to listen to dumbasses talk (she was really good at that) and eat at fancy restaurants (she was even better at that).

Did the work involve letting people play with her tits and fuck her? Yes, occasionally, but she didn’t mind. The agency vetted all the clients and every so often the sex was decent. The bonus pay let her pay off school and save for her restaurateur dreams.

But her brain became pure static at the sight of her older brother in a robe drinking champagne. She slid in the room and gracefully, but quickly, shut the door. “What are you doing here?” she hissed.

Atsumu didn’t look surprised at all, that fucker. As her older brother and a well established athlete she knew he was doing well, but didn’t think that he had the pull to pass through the process with her agency. But, here he was grinning at her menacingly.

Memories of a childhood spent tormenting each other tumbled through her mind. He took long gliding steps over to her, “Oh ‘Samu, don’t you think Ma would be so disappointed to see her baby girl like this?”

Atsumu’s large frame pushed closer, trapping her in the small entryway. She unconsciously stepped back and found herself flush against the door.

“I think you need to convince me very hard to keep quiet,” he said through a confident smirk. Both of his firm arms reached out around either side of her face, boxing her in.

When they were younger, and arguments or pranks inevitably came to blows, she always excelled at squirreling her way out of his reach. Using her smaller frame to run off and call for their parents or to find something to hit him with.

But, this time she was trapped, not by /his/ body, but by her own. Her heart beat pulsed through her at an increasing rhythm, pushing blood to her face and making her ears burn. The caress of his breath across her skin made her knees wobble.

Atsumu pressed in further, one strong thigh inched between her legs. The brush of him against her, through a tiny skirt and a pair of panties lit her a flame.

His full focus was on her, the determination of game day but in a whole new setting. It was everything she ever wanted. “That’s right, feels good doesn’t it? You are a pro now, so good at using your body? I bet you can even get yourself off right now just with my thigh.”

💗end💗 I would love to write out thigh riding and dirty talk but no time today 🥲

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