Skts prison au where Kiyoomi is forced into the general hall with the other inmates. It’s lonely in prison, see, not too much entertainment to go around. So the guards brought in an amateur musician to cheer up the inmates. He takes one look at Miya Atsumu and thinks “mine.”

Miya looks so nervous on the stage—he’s surrounded by murderers, thieves and the worst of society. He searches for something to anchor himself and sees a dark, brooding man staring at him from the back of the room. He fixes his eyes on him and don’t take them off the whole time.

The concert goes fine and Miya is swarmed by inmates clamouring for his attention. Not his anchor though, who slips out of the room. It goes so well that the warden asks him back multiple times and every time, it’s like Miya sings directly to Kiyoomi at the back of the room.

Kiyoomi takes note of everyone who begs for Miya’s attention—the guards help with keeping any physical interaction but Miya grins and makes it too easy to charm the ones foolish enough to dream about getting out. He hears about Miya from his outside source—a local talent.

Apparently signing at the prison is good for the image, some preemptive charity work. He has the talent to make it big, Kiyoomi wonders if he ever will. After the sixth time Atsumu plays, Kiyoomi gets a call for visitation. Motoya is away, and he’s the only one who comes.

To his surprise he sees Miya on the other side of the glass, drumming his fingers on the table. Miya gives him a lazy smile when Kiyoomi picks up the phone. “Thanks fer comin’ out to my shows,” Miya says. “I don’t have much of a choice in the matter,” Kiyoomi replies.

I imagine that Atsumu comes back multiple times to perform after that first time for volunteer exposure and because the brooding man at the back of the room is the most beautiful man he’s ever seen. And he gradually becomes attached to him, singing directly to him every time.

Atsumu will become more well known, his gigs taking him outside of the city and prefecture to perform. He writes to Kiyoomi, makes long distance calls to the prison whenever he can. He falls in love, Kiyoomi does too. And the next time Atsumu sings there, no one swarms him.

They all know that he’s Kiyoomi’s property. It’s ten years before Kiyoomi walks out of prison, 30 years old and thinking of the next way he can swing a living. Atsumu is there leaning against a car hood, waiting for this day for a whole decade and kisses Kiyoomi as a free man.

I don’t know why folsom prison blues popped into my head earlier tonight but it briefly gave me a brain worm and I thought this was a kind of fun prompt to work with!

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