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I have a masters degree in finance. But I've learned 10x more from listening to podcasts. 10 podcasts that will make you a better investor:

1/ Invest Like the Best Who: @patrick_oshag What: Exploring ideas, methods and stories from incredible guests to help you better invest your time and money Favourite:

2/ Not Investment Advice Who: @TrungTPhan, @bzaidi and @jackbutcher What: Exploring the edges of the internet for the latest in business, technology and memes Favourite:

3/ My First Million Who: @theSamParr and @ShaanVP What: Spoon feeding you interesting businesses you can start tomorrow to make your first million Favourite:

4/ The Twenty Minute VC Who: @HarryStebbings What: Exploring the world of venture capital on how to get funded and hired Favourite:

5/ Masters in Business Who: @ritholtz What: Conversations with people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business Favourite:

6/ All-In Podcast Who: @chamath, @jason, @DavidSacks and @friedberg What: All things economics, tech, political, social and poker Favourite:

7/ In Visible Capital Who: @PitchBook What: Conversations with industry leaders in venture capital, private equity and M&A Favourite:

8/ Acquired Who: @gilbert and @djrosent What: Learn the playbooks that built the world’s greatest companies Favourite:

9/ The Business Brew Who: @BillBrewsterTBB What: Deep dives into the thought patterns and analysis of investors and business people Favourite:

10/ FYI - For Your Innovation Who: @ARKInvest What: Covering recent developments across disruptive innovation and technological breakthroughs Favourite:

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