jacson🌙🔮//tea stan arc

jacson🌙🔮//tea stan arc



#sakuatsu// nsfw degrading, breeding Atsumu loves when Kiyoomi degrades him, especially when he’s talking about his dick. “Your cock is so small Atsu I could fit it all in my mouth /easily./” “Look how my hand engulfs your cock baby. It looks so pathetic I could laugh.”+

It makes Atsumu extremely hard very quickly. He knows he isn’t small by any means, and he knows Kiyoomi thinks the same. But the comments ignite something inside him. Makes him want to prove to Kiyoomi just how big and thick his cock actually is.+

The second he inserts his cock into Kiyoomi's tight ass he’s already moaning. “Are you even inside y-yet? I can ha-hardly feel a thing.” There’s a smug look on Atsumu’s face as he’s fucking into Kiyoomi, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head.+

Atsumu moves Kiyoomi’s hand placing it on his stomach. “Feel that Omi? Feel the way my cock bulge’s in yer stomach?” Kiyomi is too fucked out to respond with anything besides a loud moan. “Think it’s small now, huh baby? Think it’s small now that I'm buried inside ya?”+

Kiyoomi is panting, Atsumu’s sentences going through one ear and out the other. He thrusts hard, “Omi, answer me.” “No Atsu. you’re s-so big. so deep.” Kiyoomi’s words push Atsumu over the edge, “Gonna breed ya baby. Gonna breed ya nice ’nd deep. Make ya take it all.”+

He cums in Kiyoomi’s tight hole, only pulling out when he’s sure he’s emptied every last drop inside his baby boy. end(: my first skts thought lmao uh enjoy

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