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Unsent Letters: To Bambam Everything was clear, in that moment, the main character realizes she’s better off alone than settle for someone who’s not ready for her. That Love isn’t a matter of time, It’s a matter of being loved, And of being wanted. Bambam x Jihyang Short AU

Disclaimer: -Photos are not mine c/o to respective owner -This is a work of fiction -Kung di mo magets yung fiction, this isn't for you.

Notes: This is already finished, 12 tweets lang. Will update once or twice a day :) every 8pm update.

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“At least we were happy. At least we were together.”

“How can I write about us when there’s no us in this lifetime?”

“Breaking my heart is hard to swallow.”

“I just wish my brain would trust you as much as my heart does.”

“Amidst of the chaos my mind created, then there was you. And in the middle of self-doubt, I was so sure of you.”

“You made see a blurry glimpse of us with tears in my eyes.”

“I watched our love die, slowly and painfully.”

“Why can’t I pick myself and drop you when I realized you were not the one?”

“The ending will always be… me calling you as someone I once loved.”

“I refuse to write a story with you in it.”

"Sadly, we didn't make it."

“You’re full of love just to be wasted on wrong people. Find a man who's ready for you. Find your happy ever after.”


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