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Anon, here's the complete NO BS zkSync #airdrop guide. Let's demystify the rumors and point out the facts What we'll cover: ❓Wen $ZKS? ❓How to qualify? BONUS: read on for our speculation about possible criteria and multiplier (it's cheat-sheet time 👀)

❓Where to claim? The claim page is purely fictional 🤣. Psyops or Alpha? You decide 😎 No reason to be upset, anon - eventually the $ZKS airdrop will come, prepare yourself accordingly! 📖 Read on and be assured that you'll get some 🚨 alpha you won't find elsewhere 🚨

❓ When $ZKS? At yesterday's Twitter Spaces, wild speculations emerged wrt to an alleged #airdrop announcement that will be made in early November. Fact: The actual wording from @stevenewcomb referred to TOKENOMICS announcement ONLY..

❓Wen $ZKS? Also on the specific question of a listener wrt a recently updated document from @BanklessHQ - @stevenewcomb dismissed it as "just rumors" and instead went on to the above-mentioned "very important" tokenomics announcement...

❓ When $ZKS? Based on below timelines, our guess is that a major $ZKS TGE will not come anytime soon - users will have to wait for zkSync 2.0 "Full Alpha". Our best guess: likely TGE date is late Q1- early Q2 2023 - all depending on V2 dates

❓How to qualify? Right after the #Aptos windfall, everyone wants to chase the next testnet #airdrop. New Alpha strategies are popping up on CT en masse, capitalising on unsuspecting noobs. In most cases, the list of the potential testnet airdrops includes #zkSync too

❓How to qualify? If you hope to get Aptos-style airdrop, we must disappoint you: #zkSync never shown any intention to incentivize testnet and the testnet had multiple regenesis events, whereby all Tx history was been wiped

❓How to qualify? So, if testnet users won't get the airdrop, who will? zkSync is live on Mainnet for over a year now, one would expect lots of active users - but that's not the case, because v1 is not compatible with smart contracts. In fact most activity is probably artificial

❓How to qualify? Deposits via the official bridge from ETH Mainnet are most likely heavily botted/sybilled. More insights can be retrieved from the Dune dashboard made by @0xKylin ⚠️ We expect zkSync to use some criteria that's hard to sybil

❓How to qualify? So what do we know so far wrt to team's plans for $ZKS distribution? Just a few wks earlier we got real Alpha insights from @stevenewcomb wrt to $ZKS token airdrop on the @BanklessHQ podcast with @RyanSAdams & @TrustlessState - see video snippet highlight

❓How to qualify? TL;DR from podcast wrt $ZKS: 🔳 be patient (will take time) 🔳 distribution 2/3 community, 1/3 team & VCs 🔳 criteria not set (ie possibly no snapshot yet) 👀 🔳 $OP airdrop as inspiration 👀 🔳 creative, unexpected approach 🔳 focus on scaling Ethereum

❓How to qualify? Only speculations can be made at this point about the similarities between $OP & $ZKS airdrop, possibly: 🔳 various multipliers 🔳 multiple airdrops 🔳 HOP & Optimism style sybil hunt 🔳 reward users committed to Ethereum ethos & public goods

❓How to qualify? So how can YOU possibly qualify for the $ZKS airdrop? Here's our infamous cheat sheet with some possible criteria the team could potentially require, marked with our opinion 🟢 what's important & 🔴 what's not. Remember, these are mere speculations - NFA!

Anon, what do you think could be @stevenewcomb surprise #airdrop criteria?

Last but not least, top Alpha researchers in the space you should follow as well: @OlimpioCrypto @rektdiomedes @alpha_pls @DAdvisoor @CryptoDragonite @dennis_qian @0xngmi @ZK_Daily

Adding the video highlight from @stevenewcomb on @BanklessHQ wrt to $ZKS token distribution - this times with audio - thanks for notifying @mrloroy

Cheat sheet had the colors wrong 🤭 Below again the eligibility criteria we deem potentially 🟢 important or 🔴 unlikely to qualify for $ZKS airdrop

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