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From Cold Approach to Mind-Blowing Sex The A-Z Guide | THREAD |

Phase 1: Pick your target Use the 3-Second Rule: Approach her within 3 seconds. If not your mind will start questioning itself, and you'll get nervous.

Phase 2: Opener Most men GIVE UP before they even reach phase 2, even though it's the simplest. Golden Rule: What you say < How you say it If you have: • Great Tonality • Eye Contact • Confident Body Language You can say the stupidest sh!t and she’ll still be interested.

Do’s & Don’ts - The Opener: Do’s: • Smile • Tease, Disqualify & Challenge • Tell personal stories (builds comfort) • Tell jokes & Make her laugh Don’ts: • Approach her from behind • To kind (she’ll be bored) • Ask too many questions (go deeper into each one)

Phase 3: Demonstrate your value Demonstrate your value by showing detachment & willingness to walk away at any moment. This can also be done through the Push & Pull Technique: “You’re beautiful, but I don’t date blond girls” She'll crave you - we want what we can't have.

Phase 4: Build comfort If she's even going to consider going home with she needs to be comfortable. To build comfort: Share personal stories which portray you in a good light. Also: Ask open-ended charismatic questions: It leads to an exciting, organic conversation.

Bonus: The best way to get her comfortable with the idea of having sex with you is to talk about sex. People who confidently talk about sex are often pretty good at it, she will subconsciously pick up on this. *If done properly she’ll already imagine you inside her*

Phase 5: Anti-Slut Defense Women are extremely fearful of being slut shamed by society, their friends & even you. To avoid this: Get her away from the social pressure and isolate her. Preferably out of the club: “I am hungry, let's grab something to eat” etc.

Phase 6: The Pull Early on in the interaction tell her: “Actually I was just about to leave before I saw you, I am having an afterparty in my apartment, you should definitely come.”

This does 4 things: - Let her know what's up. - Let you know if she has any concerns about going home with you. - Let you know if she has a boyfriend. - She won’t be surprised when you go for the pull later on in the interaction.

Phase 7: The Close Always take the short method of transport to your apartment, hotel, etc. Make sure your place looks good, is clean, and have the essentials: toilet paper etc. Play some chill music, offer her a drink & continue the organic conversation.

Escalate by: - Touching her - Kissing her - Hugging her - Whisper something sexy in her ear If she resists you'll need to build more comfort. Show her a funny video, or some cool pictures, tell her a childhood story or continue the conversation. Then re-escalate.

Once you've kissed tell her: “How rude of me, I completely forgot to show you around the apartment” Then show her around, and show her the bedroom at the end. Then kiss her again & throw her on the bed.

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