The 'greatest Hindu' blamed Hindus for the Moplah genocide of Hindus. Gandhi said: "Hindus must find out the causes of Moplah fanaticism. They will find that they are not without is no use now becoming angry with the Moplahs or the Muzulmans in general." 26th Jan 1922

After the Moplah genocide of Hindus, the 'greatest Hindu' asked Hindus to love Moplahs more. Gandhi said: "..Even so is it more necessary for a Hindu to love the Moplah and the Muzulman more when the latter is likely to injure him or has already injured him" 26th Jan 1922

The 'greatest Hindu' whitewashed the Moplah genocide of Hindus by calling it a revolt and felt that it came as a blessing. Gandhi said: "I feel the Moplah revolt has come as a blessing to a system that is crumbling to pieces by the weight of its own enormity" 20th Oct 1921

The 'greatest Hindu' asked Hindus to face death cheerfully.Gandhi said: "I would tell d Hindus to face death cheerfully if d Ms are out to kill them..You may turn round & ask whether all Hindus &all Sikhs should die. Yes, I would say. Such martyrdom will not be in vain" 1/5/1947

"Hindus should not harbor anger in their hearts against M even if latter wanted to destroy them.Even if M want to kill us all we should face death bravely.If they established their rule after killing H we would be ushering in a new world by sacrificing our lives."-Gandhi 6/4/1947

The'greatest Hindu' asked Hindus not to fight/flee but die meekly.He said: "Today a H from Rawalpindi narrated d tragic events that had taken place there.58 of his companions were killed just bcoz they were Hindus..But I would exhort Hindus& Sikhs again&again not to retaliate..

..I make bold to say that if Hindus and Sikhs sacrifice their lives at the hands of Muzlims without rancour or retaliation they will become the saviours not only of their own religions but also of Izl@m and the whole world." Gandhi on 6th April 1947

"I am grieved to learn people r running away from West Punjab &that Lahore is being evacuated by non-M. I must say that this is what it should not be.If you think Lahore is dead or is dying, do not run away from it, but die with what you think is dying Lahore." Gandhi on 6/8/1947

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