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My strategy to CRUSH any *role play* during the SALES INTERVIEW PROCESS is quite simple. 100% of my students that tried it, ended up getting the job ✅Works everytime ✅Is free ✅Can be repeated at scale ✅and can be done in 20mn

Here's a high lvl overview of the role play/mock up call: Assuming you're applying to a strong and legit sales org, you will 100% have a role play with the hiring manager where you will be asked to sell the product (or intrigue just enough to book a meeting for the AE).

The pitch does not need to be perfect. What is the *most important* is for you to follow the flow of a sales pitch: Permission to Engage > Setting Agenda > Discovery > Recap/Quantifying pain > Pitch) and ask the *right questions* during discovery to qualify the prospect

The single most important part of the mock up call is the *discovery* and the quality of the questions you asked. They must be 1) open ended 2) framed to raise the pain associated with the use case the product/service addresses enough theory, lets get to the good stuff👇👇

There is a method to get the PITCH SCRIPT, including the list of discovery questions *adapted precisely* for the company you’re applying for. All of it can be obtained in less than 20mn for FREE. but how Cocoon? *REQUEST A DEMO VIA THE COMPANY WEBSITE AS IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER*

You'll be considered an inbound lead and marketing team will connect you with a sales rep, that will then call you and reveal ALL the company sales script to you. Step 1: Go on the company’s website

Step 2: Request Demo Step 3: Sit back and watch trained sales rep unroll discovery Step 4: Record call and take notes of discovery questions & pitch Step 5: Use material to build your mock up call script BOOM! You know how to pitch the product/service like a *TRAINED REP*

The sales hiring manager will be BLOWN AWAY by the quality of your conversation. You will sounds as qualified as her reps BEFORE EVEN going through company training. Congratulations anon. you've passed the mock up call test with brio. You're a genius. 🐲

*Bonus Strategy (Sonic Autist LVL 5): Admit at the end of the DEMO you’re true intention: you’re not a real customer and

you’re here to collect information to potentially join his sales organization.... then ask for a referral. This will backfire ⅓ times and work the rest (done it myself). Here’s how you can do it:

“John, I haven't been honest with you. I'm not looking to purchase the solution. I also work in sales and I'm interested in joining your team. I set up this call because I wanted to know more about the product and most importantly *its people*....

You've confirmed my thoughts. The product is good, and for what it's worth, you're someone I'd see myself working with & learning from. Hope you wont hold it against me, John" then stop talking If he gives you a positive response, then

proceed to ask if there are any openings on the sales team, if he can put in a referral for you and/or introduce you to a sales manager. If negative response, move on. shame on him for not recognizing 1) your creativity 2) your initiative (no one goes all this way to get a job)

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