Just check the syllabus of B.ed in Uttar Pradesh The teachers are made after teaching them all this so they can glorify Mughals in future. Anyone please tell me which Chhandshastra, Ashatmashastra, Niti Shastra are present in !$lamic Education ?

Music, Art, Dance are all prohibited in !$lam but look at the syllabus. In Islamic Education Self consciousness, Gaining Gyana, and development of society is present. Which !$lamic country is progressive?

Macaulay is called director of our Education system. Even when he destroyed our advanced system of Education and imposed a system that was design to make us slave on us?

!$lam has idealistic teaching system. And Islam had no cast system and there is no discrimination in !$lam. And !$lam has brotherhood. Shia, Sunni, Ahmediyas, Wahabi, Qureshi, don't they come under this bhaichara?

Macaulay was the reason why we medicine and science were discovered in India. Charak & Sushrut were students of Macaulay 🤔

Mughal emperor made Libraries in India. By the way it is called destroying.

And in the same book they criticize Vedic education system and Hinduism . They targeting Hinduism unnecessarily

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