Persistence in manifesting as an ND person: a 🧵

We talk about persisting and affirming a lot in this community, it’s at the forefront of what most coaches and everyone says to do when manifesting but how can we persist if we don’t know what that means? Let’s get into it!

Persistence in manifesting means to stand firm in your new story (new thoughts/assumptions) no matter what you are seeing or hearing. It’s continuing to think in your favour as if you have what you want no matter what you see or hear in the physical world.

That isn’t always easy! Someone tells you they don’t love you? It’s normal to have a response and reaction to that. It’s okay, you’re human. If you’re in that situation I’m glad to say that’s a manifestation of your previous dominant thoughts and can be changed!

How often did you think they didn’t love you or would leave before they said that? The answer is probably a lot. But that’s okay, the good news is you’re a master at persistence. You manifested them away by accident by persisting in those thoughts and we can reverse engineer it.

This doesn’t even have to be about people. Another big one is money. We’re taught money is hard to get and it’s normal to struggle with it, we persist in those thoughts so we see evidence of that being true.

One thing I hear a lot is that if you want it bad enough you will persist. I agree with that but I also need to say that persistence looks different for every one of us, esp. where mental health, trauma or differences in ability are concerned

Persisting can look like so many things: - I had a spiral but now I am affirming = persisting - I caught myself wavering + changed my thoughts = persisting - I took a break but I know it will still happen for me = persisting - I wanted to give up but I didn’t = persisting

If you’re thinking in your favour dominantly (as much as you can which may vary from day to day) then you are persisting. Manifesting is all internal, it’s all in your mind. It’s where you’re dwelling, where your thoughts consistently and dominantly go and stay.

You don’t need to be perfect at it. No one is in a good mood 100% of the time and feeling good isn’t required. Feelings aren’t required at all for manifesting, you are human and can feel how you need to feel. It’s all about your thoughts. What are you always thinking of?

Let’s take an SP for example: you want them to be in love with you. How do you experience that? You tell yourself that they’re in love with you. You continue to do that no matter what you see, you assign positive meaning to what you see, they will show up that way.

We assign meaning to everything so if we see something that is the opposite of what you’re manifesting, you can decide what it means. Decide they’re just trying to get your attention or they’re overwhelmed about how they feel about you. You get to choose the narrative.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have feelings. You miss them? Of course you have feelings. You’re not in lack for wanting to be with someone you love, or for missing them. It is normal to have human emotions. It’s just about paying attention to the thoughts you’re always having.

A negative thought or circumstance popped up? You don’t have to identify with it. That isn’t you anymore. It’s okay, you thought a certain way for so long. It’s no indication of how you’re manifesting. You’re doing great and IT IS WORKING.

Self-soothing is a great tool I use to help with persisting. Remind yourself you’re doing everything right, everything you’re doing works and you’re always getting what you want. You can trust yourself and your abilities to manifest. You are safe and secure, too.

It’s okay to have bad days, the fact that you’re aware when you are wavering or have a spiral literally is physical 3D proof of how far you’ve come. You don’t have to beat yourself up. You will get what you want, please don’t give up.

Changing old thought patterns can be hard and that’s okay too. Don’t feel bad for it feeling hard or uncomfortable, idc what anyone says. You were thinking a certain way for so long and you stayed alive and safe thinking that way. I am so proud of you for being here.

You’re doing a great job. anytime you continue to pick yourself back up and affirming for what you want is persisting. when you flip a negative thought or remind yourself of the new story or thinking a positive new assumption, you’re persisting.

We all have circumstance, they don’t matter. What you’re thinking now and what you want to happen matters. Give that power. You get to decide what is important and and what is not. If it’s not what you want? Irrelevant. You are everything and deserve everything. Go get it pls ily


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