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As many of you would have encountered this article filled with lies & bigotry, which is financed by leftist-islamist media blocs including Scroll, wire, Aljazeera etc. The fake exaggeration in numbers of Jammu massacre is deliberately done to dwarf Hindu massacres in J&K in 1947.

So how many muslims died in Jammu massacre?. Article quotes more than 230k but how can dead be more than the population itself. As many still lived in Jammu. Here is the census report of 1941.

And one thing to be Kept in mind is that Jammu district is not Jammu province of 1941 as much of that went to pakistan which was heavily muslim majority and still is. These Hindu haters deliberately try to confuse this point, so as to support their filthy lies & Bigotry.

Here is excerpt from Pawan Dewans book "Jammu" which has compiled and analysed all sources. So the count should be less than 17k . Although a tragedy but nothing infront of Hindus who suffered complete annihilation in Mirpur, Rajauri etc.

Even the India Hater Yusuf Saraf has given the figure of 20k in his book "Kashmir a struggle for freedom" Islamist misquote Snedden who just mention about the rumours of 237k and even mentions it as exaggeration. He literally writes that research is needed on Jammu massacre.

Now coming to Mirpur massacre, most of people outside Jammu don't know about this as Leftist Historians & media deliberately suppress Hindu miseries. More than 20k Hindus were killed in this massacre.

Photographic evidence of #Mirpur Massacre.

Visual evidence and story narrated by a Muslim about the condition of Hindus & Sikhs in Mirpur

Most of Hindus Know about Auschwitz but how many Know about Ali Baig camp. In which Hindus were Slaughtered.(Also Narrated by Sardar Ibrahim)

Yusuf Saraf about Mirpur massacre and a survivors testimony from Ali Baig in pic 2

Here Sneddon in his book "Kashmir the Unwritten History" also mentions about Mirpur as well as Muzaffarabad massacre. Although Like Jammu massacre, here he also doesn't give a concrete opinion but he doesn't mention it as exaggeration like in case of "Jammu massacre".

Similar even worse barbarity was done to Hindus & Sikhs in Rajauri. From 30,000 to 48,000 (Different sources give different numbers) Hindus & Sikhs were Killed. 30k number is mentioned in Indian Ministry of Defense Record.

More can be Read about Rajauri Massacre from the book of Mr AN Saraf.

There are many other massacres in which Hindus were massacred, I always point out it to Jihadis but its worthless to Argue with them. Next time they start vomiting lies, show them this thread and then ignore them. Its worthless to argue with Zombies.

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