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SunaAtsu, fwb, NSFW, dom/sub “H-Holy shi— ahhh!” Atsumu’s eyes roll back as Suna curls his fingers against his prostate relentlessly. “Fuck, f-fuck, Suna, Suna, R-Rin.” Suna smiles against the inside of Atsumu’s thigh, his free hand fondling Atsumu’s balls. He trails kisses up

Atsumu’s thigh all the way to his cock. It’s standing at attention, a deep, angry red from all the attention it’s been missing. Atsumu’s eyes are filled with tears, there’s drool on his chin already. Suna clicks his tongue and Atsumu whines in response. “Atsumu, really?

Suna speaks condescendingly. He licks a stripe along the bottom side of Atsumu’s cock, focuses on the sensitive tip for just an extra second. It’s enough to make Atsumu cry out, muscles straining as he holds back his orgasm. Suna gently pushes Atsumu’s thighs apart again.

“Do we need the spreader tonight, baby?” Suna realizes as soon as the question leaves his mouth that it’s too late to ask him much of anything. Atsumu’s under. Suna sighs and sucks on the tip of his cock the same time he slides a fourth finger inside of Atsumu.

“Why are you holding back?” Suna asks him. Atsumu moans in response when Suna squeezes his balls again. His hips buck and Suna smiles at his reactions. “I told you to come as much as you like. You know how much I like to see you come, baby.” “Rin-! Rin, Rin, sir,” Atsumu’s

voice is slurred as he speaks. He pants, hands twisting in the bedsheets. Suna watches the way Atsumu’s abs clench and unclench as he needlessly fights off his own orgasm. “Does my baby want to earn it?” Suna teases. He takes Atsumu all the way to the back of his throat and

stays there before slowly pulling off. Atsumu shakes, legs clenching down around Suna. He’ll let it slide this time. “Hm? Or is my baby such a well trained slut he can’t come unless I give him permission? Explicit,” Suna takes just the head of Atsumu’s cock into his mouth and

sucks. “Permission.” “Sir, sir, please, coming, coming.” Atsumu sobs as he comes, hips jerking up into Suna’s open mouth and cock shooting down his throat. He whines when Suna refuses to let up, fingers still abusing his prostate and his tongue laving the underside of his cock.

Suna takes it all, drinks down his cum and continues to suck him off. He needs him hard again. He wants him to come again and again and again. He needs to see it, needs to feel the high of bringing /his/ baby to completion as many times as he can. “Sir, sir, please.”

Atsumu cries out. He’s writhing on the bed now. It’s their first night time not using restraints and Suna is getting drunk off the high of his gorgeous baby fighting to stay still. Suna pulls off his dick with a loud ‘pop’, replacing his mouth with his hand. Atsumu’s hard again,

or maybe he never went soft. Suna isn’t entirely sure. “Mmm, baby, you taste so good. And it’s all for me. I feel so grateful.” Suna mouths along the base of Atsumu’s cock. God, he could worship this thing for hours, honestly. He loves it. Loves the little mole right at the base

of it, loves how it curves just enough to force his eyes to cross when he rides Atsumu, loves how thick and heavy it feels sitting on his tongue. “You’ll come again for me, won’t you?” “Yes, yes, ‘m gonna come. ‘M gonna come.” Atsumu’s body tenses and he grits his teeth.

Suna watches in amazement as Atsumu’s cock twitches and white spurts out from the top. Atsumu moans loudly, toes digging into the bed as his hips lift up and up and up. Suna takes Atsumu back in his mouth. He cleans him off quickly, lust making his movements hasty.

“Again.” Suna says when he pulls off Atsumu’s cock. “Again, baby.” Suna sits up on his knees. He lines his cock up with Atsumu’s entrance, forgoing a condom. He needs to be in him now. “Come for me again.” Suna pushes in and he groans at the sight of Atsumu’s eyes rolling back.

Atsumu’s dick kicks again with a tiny orgasm, his ass clenches around Suna’s cock over and over. Suna’s breath is knocked out of him as he comes inside of Atsumu. “Fuck, yes, baby. Just like that. My baby makes me feel so good. Shit.” Suna hisses a breath as he starts to fuck

into Atsumu before he’s even finished coming. Atsumu is making the most devauched noises under him. His cock is still somehow hard even after three orgasms. Suna wraps a hand around him and Atsumu cries out, eyes shooting open. He whimpers and shakes his head, but Suna keeps

going, rolling his hips the way he knows drives Atsumu insane. He syncs his hand with his hips and watches as Atsumu’s body starts to shake again. Atsumu frantically looks for something to grip on to. “Sir, sir, s-sir!” Atsumu screams as he comes again. Suna moans at the sound

and sight that is Atsumu. His hips move wildly, hands moving to hold Atsumu in place. Atsumu’s cum is mostly clear now. He’s panting and looking up at Suna with glassy eyes, body going limp. Suna grips his jaw harshly and leans down for a bruising kiss.

“Fuck, you feel so. Damn. Good, baby.” Suna thrusts into Atsumu with each word. All Atsumu can do is take it, he’s so far gone. Suna feels a rush at the knowledge, at the way Atsumu clings to him, that Atsumu trusts him enough for this. “Fuck, baby. You’re gonna make me come.

You want it don’t you?” Suna is almost surprised by the mumbled yes he receives. “Want my cum inside of you? Show every you’re /mine/?” Suna slams home and stills, gritting his teeth. It’s no use, he’s already coming anyways. Atsumu clenches around him and Suna starts to fuck him

again. “You’re /mine/,” Suna says again. Atsumu nods. “Yers, yers, a-all, y-yers,” Atsumu stutters. Suna moans loudly, sinking as deeply into Atsumuas he can. He’s still coming. It feels like it’ll go on forever. Suna brings a hand to Atsumu’s lower stomach and presses down.

His eyes widen when he feels his hand on his dick. His balls ache already, his dick is beyond sensitive, but he starts rolling his hips again. “Fuck, baby. My perfect fucking cocksleeve.” Atsumu’s eyes roll back as Suna wraps a hand around his spent cock. He’s only half hard

now, but Suna can feel him filling out slowly. “Going to come on my com again? Hm, baby? Gonna milk me dry with this perfect ass?” Suna smacks Atsumu’s ass once, smirking at the surprised moan it causes him to make. Suna’s movements have slowed down now. He needs to draw this

out. Needs to make it last. He’s not even sure he could come again, honestly. But fuck, he can’t pull out. He braces his free hand next to Atsumu’s head, plastering their sweaty bodies together. Atsumu takes the chance to wrap his legs around Suna’s waist, cinching them tight.

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“Yes, yes, please.” Atsumu mumbles in Suna’s ear. Suna moans and turns his head to capture Atsumu’s mouth in a kiss. Suna slams into Atsumu and stills again. He squeezes his eyes close at the feeling of Atsumu clamping down on him. “Fuck, baby, shit. Just like tha-.”

Suna cuts himself off at the choked off sound that Atsumu makes. Atsumu claws at Suna’s back, mouth open around a silent scream as he arches up off the bed. Suna waits until he collapses back onto the bed to start moving again. Atsumu looks up at him through half-closed eyes.

He’s exhausted. Suna can tell. Suna places both his arms next to Atsumu’s head and fucks him slowly. He cradled Atsumu’s head in his hands and kisses along his neck. “Mmmm, ‘in, t-t-tired.” Atsumu mumbles. “I know baby. I know.” Suna says softly. He shudders as he sloppily

thrusts into Atsumu’s hole. “I’m almost there. You can take it, can’t you? My perfect baby.” Suna’s mostly talking to himself now. Atsumu’s fallen completely under now, silent except for a few high pitched moans and whines.

When Suna comes it’s much like the first time. It blindsides him, forces him to curl his toes and bury himself in Atsumu. He pants into Atsumu’s neck, fucking into him like a desperate teenager getting their first taste of sex. Shit, he’s near tears because of it.

He pulls out when he’s finished, cursing and jerking with over sensitivity. He bites down on his lip when his cock kicks a few more times, spreading white onto Atsumu’s cock and balls. Suna takes one look at Atsumu’s puffy hole and regrets pushing him so hard. He’d do anything to

eat him out right now, but he has other things he needs to worry about. “Baby,” Suna presses soft kisses into Atsumu’s cheek, trying to coax him out of subspace enough to get him to the bathroom. “…-ug.” Atsumu murmurs. “Hm? What’s that?” Suna asks him. He runs his hand

along Atsumu’s side. He’s shivering. Suna quickly grabs the heating pad and blanket he set out before their session, covering Atsumu with both “…-ug. Need.” Atsumu mumbles again. Suna frowns at the tightness in Atsumu’s voice. Is something wrong? Is he hurt?

“Keep. Me.” Atsumu tries again. Suna’s mind takes a second to catch up. He blinks a few times and then understanding dawns on him. He shakes his head slowly, not wanting to upset Atsumu. “We’re done playing now, baby. We didn’t talk about it beforehand.” Atsumu pouts and

Suna knows it’s only a matter of time before tears join it. “Next time.” Suna whispers, pushing Atsumu’s sweaty hair back. “I promise, next time we can.” Suna sighs heavily. He feels like he could sleep for a century, his eyelids weighed down by sleep.

Atsumu nods and turns to bury his face in Suna’s chest. “Okay.” Suna laughs hoarsely, holding Atsumu close to him. He closes his eyes for just a few seconds, but opens them forcefully. He can’t falls asleep yet. “Baby, I need to get up. Gotta get you cleaned up.”

Atsumu fusses a little and Suna waits for him to calm down before moving. He’s not quite sure how far under Atsumu still is, but he’s willing to bet he’s gone a little deeper since he closed his eyes. Suna slowly slips out of bed and heads to his bathroom. He grabs a few towels

and the bowl he keeps under his sink, heading back into the room. ///

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Suna’s grip on his drink tightens along with his jaw. He narrows his eyes at the idiot trying to convince Atsumu to leave with him. Doesn’t he know who he’s talking to? And why is Atsumu entertaining this idiot? Atsumu rolls his eyes and throws a glance in Suna’s direction.

Suna knows what it’s supposed to mean. He’s been friends with Atsumu long enough to read between the lines with. /Can you believe this guy? He thinks he has a chance? With /me/ of all people?/ Despite that, jealousy burns hot and white in Suna’s stomach. Or maybe that’s the last

shot he had taken with Bokuto. Most likely it’s a terrible combination of both. Before Suna knows it, he’s up and out of his seat, striding over to Atsumu’s side. He places a possessive hand on the back of his neck and peers over the man in front of them. “Can I help you?”

Suna ignores the confused look from Atsumu. Instead, he raises a brow and stares through narrowed slits. The guy stammers. /Pitiful/, Suna thinks. /He can’t even form a sentence right now. He couldn’t handle Atsumu on his best days. Not like he-/ Suna interrupts his thoughts

abruptly. Atsumu isn’t his to handle. They’re just friends who hookup. They scratch a mutual itch and that’s it. There’s nothing more there. Suna purses his lips when idiot number one squares his shoulders and stands a little straighter. Great. He’s finally grown some balls.

“What?” Suna says tightly. The guy’s confidence wavers for a second before he turns his attention to Atsumu. “Would you… Do you wanna dance?” He asks him. Suna’s grip tightens on Atsumu neck naturally. Atsumu sits tensely on his bar stool, eyes flickering between the two.

“Sorry. I think it would upset my /friend/ here if I did.” Atsumu says through the fakest smile Suna’s ever seen on him. The guy nods, casting a look between them again before leaning in slightly. Suna watches them closely. “Are you okay? Do you need help?” He tries, and fails,

to say so Suna can’t hear him. Suna doesn’t say anything, though. He doesn’t want to give the guy any more ideas. “Yes, I’m fine.” Atsumu says gently. His smile turns a little more genuine and he wraps an arm around Suna’s waist. Suna tries his best to not look smug.

“He’s just a little jealous and had too much to drink.” Atsumu explains. “Okay.” The guys says. He picks up his glass from beside Atsumu. “Take care, then.” “Yeah, you too.” Atsumu calls after him. He waits until the guy turns around to push Suna off of him. “What the hell is

yer problem?!” Atsumu hisses at him. Suna frowns and tries to step back into Atsumu’s space. He’s stopped by Atsumu stiff arming him back. “What?” Suna slurs. He stumbles a bit and Atsumu sighs tiredly, grabbing his arm to steady him. “You’re way out of his league.”

Atsumu barks a laugh, shaking his head. “I know.” Suna cracks a smile and clumsily wraps his arms around Atsumu. Atsumu grunts, taking his weight easily. “Shit, yer really drunk, huh?” Suna laughs and nuzzles into Atsumu. “Yep,” he says popping the ‘p’. He really shouldn’t have

tried to keep up with Hinata /and/ Bokuto. “You’re so warm,” he mumbles. “An’ I think it’s time fer ya ya go home.” Atsumu says gently. He rubs circles into Suna’s back when Suna starts to whine. “What’s wrong, Rin?” “Wanna go home with you,” Suna whines. Atsumu hums and Suna

pouts into his shoulder. “And ‘m goin’ ta. But first ya gotta stand up.” Atsumu pats Suna’s side a few times to encourage him. Suna frowns and stands up, making grabby hands at Atsumu. “You getting out of here?” Aran says, coming up to them. Suna nods and drapes himself over

Atsumu. Suna smiles at him lazily, hooking his chin over Atsumu’s shoulder. “Aran-san!” Suna yells. Aran laughs and shares a look with Atsumu. “I’ll take that as a yes, then.” Aran muses. Suna feels Atsumu’s cheek warm when he presses their faces together and frowns. Is he

getting a fever? They should’ve left a long time ago then. “Yeah. Just gotta call a can and then we’ll be outta here.” Atsumu says. He grunts when Suna rests more of his weight on him.

“‘Tsumu, you’re sick.” Suna hiccups once he’s done talking. “What? ‘M not sick, idiot.” Atsumu says. “Fuck, yer heavy,” Atsumu says lowly as he takes a couple steps. “You are!” Suna protests. He rubs his cheek against Atsumu’s. He still feels hot. “You’re hot!”

“Okay, Rin.” Atsumu stops walking and shuffles around in a circle so he’s facing Suna. He squished Suna’s face in his hands and Suna pouts when he laughs. “We gotta go home. So, ya gotta stop causin’ a scene, yeah?” Suna nods and wraps his arms around Atsumu to pull him into

a tight hug. Atsumu sighs and immediately starts trying to extract himself. “Rin, let go.” “No.” Suna says petulantly. “Rin.” Atsumu says sternly. Suna shakes his head and hangs on tighter. “Unh, unh.” “Rin, if ya don’t let me go, I won’t stay at gets tonight.” Atsumu

threatens. Suna whines, but unwinds his arms until they’re back at his side. Atsumu smiles widely and pats Suna’s cheek a few times. “See? Not that hard.” “But I wanna-,” Suna hiccups again, swaying on his feet. Atsumu steadies him with an arm around his waist, moving to

his side. Suna takes the chance to wrap an arm around his shoulders smugly. “I wanna dance.” “Rin, ya’d fall flat on yer face if we went dancin’ right now.” Atsumu says as he navigates the crowd. “Let’s just go home and go ta sleep. ‘M super tired.” Suna narrows his eyes

at the side of Atsumu’s head. That yawn was totally fake. …Right? “Okay, fine.” Suna says. If Atsumu really is tired, then they should go home. And his fever! Suna gasps loudly, smacking a hand against Atsumu’s face. “Huh.” Suna mumbles. Atsumu feels normal. He groped around

Atsumu’s face, double checking his findings. “Rin, cut it out.” Atsumu hisses. He seats Suna’s hand away, capturing it in his as they step out into the humid night. Atsumu looks up and down the street. “C’mon. I wanna go home,” Atsumu says, matching them to an SUV.

“Okay, yes. Have to get you home.” Suna says gruffly. He laughs at how funny his voice sounds. “‘Tsumu! Are we havin’ a sleepover?” Suna says in a terrible imitation of Atsumu’s accent.

“Yeah, yeah we are.” Atsumu says, ushering Suna into the backseat of the car. Suna winces when he smacks his head on the top of the car. “Jesus!” Atsumu scrambles to pull Suna back before he falls. “Owww,” Suna sniffles. He rubs the side of his head with wet eyes.

“I told ya ta be careful.” Atsumu sighs and directs Suna into the car. He follows closely after, apologizing to the driver. “An’ he’s fuckin’ plastered, but he’s not gonna throw up. Prob’ly just annoy ya ta death.” Atsumu and the driver share a laugh and Suna frowns.

“You think I’m annoying?” Suna asks with a wobbly voice. “What? No, no. I think yer great!” Atsumu rushes to assure them. He reaches over Suna to put his seatbelt on for him. Suna holds his hands to chest and takes a shaky breath. “Oh, don’t cry Rin. ‘M sorry.”

Suna shakes his head as Atsumu wipes his face clean. He drank /way/ too much. He’s too drunk and he’s embarrassing everyone. “‘Tsumu, I drank too much.” “Yeah, ya did. S’okay, though. Ya had fun, right?” Atsumu murmurs. Suna nods, lips pouting. He leans his head on Atsumu’s

shoulder, smiling when Atsumu grips his thigh warmly. “The that’s all that matters. I don’t care how much ya drank.” “Okay,” Suna says sadly. Atsumu kisses the crown of Suna’s head and Suna sighs, closing his eyes.

“Alright, Rin.” Atsumu says gently. Suna looks up in confusion. “Time ta get out. We’re here.” Suna nods and fumbles around with his seatbelt before Atsumu just does it for him. “Bye!” Suna yells as he steps out of the car. Atsumu shushed him and Suna blushes. “Bye!” He

whispers instead. Atsumu shakes his head with a laugh, leading them up the steps to Suna’s condo. “Keys, Rin.” Atsumu says, holding his hand out for them. Suna grabs them from his pocket and smacks them into the waiting hand proudly. “Thanks, darlin’.” Suna ms cheeks heat at

the pet name. Atsumu opens the door and guides Suna along. “Ya need help with yer shoes?” Suna takes a second to gauge himself. He slowly nods. “Yes please.” Atsumu nods and kneels down. Suna leans over and places his hands on Atsumu’s shoulders so he doesn’t fall.

“Right foot, baby.” Atsumu says. Suna lifts his foot and Atsumu starts on his foot. “I love you.” Atsumu slowly looks up at Suna. Suna realizes that, oh shit, he hadn’t kept that thought in his head. Atsumu laughs uncomfortably, tapping Suna’s left leg once. “Yer drunk.”

“So?” Suna whispers. He and Atsumu make eye contact again. Atsumu is the first to break it, focusing on his task. “So, yer not gonna mean it in the mornin’.” Atsumu says. He stands up and holds Suna’s face in his hands. “Ya might not even remember it.” “Yes, I will.” Suna says.

He lets Suna lead him to his bedroom. “I will mean it. And remember.” “Okay.” Atsumu agrees. He pulls Suna close by his belt loops and starts undressing him. “Let’s just go ta sleep. We’ll talk about it later.” “Okay.” Suna says with a yawn. He pulls his shirt over his head

while Atsumu gets his pants off. “Baby?” Suna mumbles. Atsumu takes a quick breath. “Hm?” Atsumu mumbles back. He pushes Suna’s pants down and looks up at him. “Can we take a shower?” Suna grimaces at how sticky the air in his room feels on his skin. Or maybe that’s sweat and

a few spilled drinks. “Yep.” Atsumu steers Suna to his bathroom. “And then we’re goin’ ta sleep, got it?” Suna nods and turns on the water when he’s close enough. “No funny business.” Suna says with a curt nod. It makes Atsumu snort and he looks at him quizzically. “What?”

“Nothin’, darlin’. Yer just bein’ funny.” Atsumu says. He starts to take off his clothes. “Get in, ‘m right behind ya.” Suna steps into the shower and directly under the water. Atsumu follows shortly after and he smiles at him. “I still love you,” Suna sing songs. He giggles at

how Atsumu blushes. “Just shut up and hand me yer body wash.” Atsumu mutters. Suna does and Atsumu quietly thanks him. “Baby?” Suna says when Atsumu is spraying the suds off his body. “What’s up?” Atsumu asks back. “Can you cockwarm me tonight?” Atsumu chokes on nothing at

Suna’s question. “Baby?” “I mean, yeah. I guess. I don’t see why not.” Atsumu says in a tight voice. Suna smiles excitedly, grabbing Atsumu by his waist. “Turn around. Gotta prep you.” Suna mumbles. Atsumu anchors Suna’s hands to his sides. “I think should do that myself

tonight.” Suna nods in agreement a few times. “Makes sense.” Suna says. He lets go of Atsumu. “I wash you now.” “Okay, okay,” Atsumu hands over the washcloth and turns his back to Suna. “Don’t miss a spot.” “I’m not gonna.” Suna says defensively.

“Okay.” “Okay.” “Fine.” Atsumu says. Suna narrows his eyes at how amused he sounds. “/Fine/.” Suna snaps back. Atsumu relaxes in his hold and Suna smiles to himself. “Love you.” “Stop sayin’ that.” Atsumu orders. “Mmm, no. Don’t wanna.” “Rin.” “Yes, baby?”

Atsumu takes a ragged breath. “Yer gonna be the death of me. I swear.” Suna hums at Atsumu’s statement. “I’ll be sure to hide the body.” ///

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///more NSFW to start off!! Suna groans softly as he wakes up. His head is ringing and the light peeking in through the window is blinding him just enough to be irritating. He closes his eyes and wraps his arms tighter around the pillow he’s holding. A whimper sounds from in

front of him and he opens his eyes again, finding the back of a flushed neck and familiar brown and blonde hair. “Rin, fuck, yer killin’ me,” Atsumu pants. Suna’s face scrunches in confusion. What the hell is Atsumu talking about? And what’s wrong with him? “Yes! Yesyesyes,

right there, right there.” Atsumu babbles. What’s happening hits Suna all at once and his eyes roll back at the feeling of him sliding in and out of Atsumu. “Shit, Atsu,” Suna whispers. He pulls Atsumu snugly against his chest and holds him tightly. Atsumu cries out, nails

digging into Suna’s forearm. “Fuck, when did this start?” “St-Start?” Atsumu stutters. He pushes his hips back against suna, making them both moan. “Yer the one who’s been fuckin’ me all night. How the hell are you even hard right now?” Atsumu keens when Suna pinches a nipple

between his fingers. “Must’ve been asleep, baby.” Suna mumbles. He moves a hand down to Atsumu’s hip so he can get some leverage to thrust into him. Atsumu’s legs shake and Suna watches the way Atsumu bites down on his lip. “Come on, Atsu. Scream for me. You know you want to.”

Atsumu shakes his head and Suna tsks. “You know you want my neighbors to hear exactly what we’re doing. How I fuck you so well, you can’t even think straight.” Atsumu’s mouth falls open around a silent scream as Suna slows his thrusts down. They’re long a deep, forcing Atsumu

to feel every inch of Suna’s cock stretching him. Suna shakes with his effort to not come. “Want them to know just how well your daddy takes care of you.” Suna whisper in Atsumu’s ear. Atsumu screams, head falling back onto Suna’s shoulder as he spasms through his orgasm.

Suna mouths along Atsumu’s neck, wrapping a hand around Atsumu’s dick until Atsumu is sobbing prettily. “Rin, Rin, please ‘s too much,” Atsumu sobs. Suna nods and takes his hand away. “Want me to pull out?” Suna asks. They aren’t playing right now, but Atsumu seems to be

falling into subspace anyways. Suna pulls out carefully when Atsumu doesn’t answer. “Atsu, baby, I need an answer.” Atsumu whines and writhes, hand sneaking between them to try and guide Suna back into him. “Words, Atsu. What’s your color?” “Green.” Atsumu mumbles. Suna

nods and rubs Atsumu’s side soothingly. “And what do you want?” Suna questions softly. Atsumu frowns and Suna shushes him, kissing his neck. “Use your words. I’ll give you whatever you want.” He promises. “You.” Atsumu says. Suna nods again and let’s Atsumu guide his cock into

him. Atsumu sighs at the feeling of Suna filling him again, hips jumping away in over sensitivity. “Always you.” “I got you, baby. Go ahead and fall.” Suna speaks into Atsumu’s ear. Atsumu moans, eyes closing as Suna thrusts into him completely, staying buried in him.

Suna takes a deep breath, willing his orgasm away. “I’ve got you.” Suna mumbles. Suna rests his forehead on the back of Atsumu’s neck, rolling his hips slowly to draw this out. Atsumu sings prettily for him, voice going hoarse from how loud he’s being. Suna’s hips stutter and

he feels a knot tighten in his stomach when Atsumu laces their fingers together. “Fuck, Atsu. You’re so sexy.” Suna mutters. Atsumu whines at the praise. Suna’s hips stutter again and he curses. “Shit, ‘m gonna come Atsu.” Suna hisses a breath through his teeth and buries his

cock inside of Atsumu. He can feel his cock throbbing as he comes inside of him and his eyes roll back. Atsumu ruts back against him, mumbling so incoherently Suna has no idea what he’s talking about. Suna moves to pull out, ready to force himself out of bed so he can

get the necessary things to keep Atsumu from dropping, when fingernails dig into his ass. “No, stay!” Atsumu says frantically. Suna lets Atsumu push him back into place without any arguments. “Promised. Y-Ya… promised… Good boy… I…” It doesn’t take long for Suna to

remember his words from their last play session and he nods, drawing patterns into Atsumu’s skin. “You’re right. I did. And you were so good. My best boy, taking me all night.” Atsumu smiles happily at the praise, relaxing against Suna’s body. Suna holds him there, mind racing.

Normally, Atsumu would want a weighted blanket right about now. Falling this deep into subspace makes him anxious once he comes out of it and the extra weight helps keep him evened out until he’s fully back in his body. Suna needs to figure something out. And fast.

“Atsu, baby.” Suna says gently. He peppers kisses along Atsumu’s cheek, but only gets wide eyes blinking back at him. Suna nods and makes direct eye contact with him. “I’m going to pull out for just a second, okay? I’m gonna move us so it’s not as awkward.” Suna says. Atsumu

nods after taking a moment to process Suna’s words and Suna moves quickly. He climbs over Atsumu and stretches to reach the extra pile of blankets he keeps nearby in case he gets cold at night. Hopefully the extra layers will add enough weight. Suna slides back into Atsumu as

fast as he can without hurting him, smiling and peppering his face with kisses. “My best boy,” Suna murmurs. He can see the tension fade from Atsumu’s shoulders. “Always so patient for me. Thank you.” Suna tucks Atsumu’s head under his chin and sighs. He hadn’t been expecting

this when he woke up, and now that he isn’t stuck in a haze of horniness and sex, his head is pounding like someone is jackhammering away at his skull. He pushes through it, though. Atsumu needs him to be here with him right now. “I’m going to get up in fifteen minutes to clean

us both up, okay, sweetheart?” Suna says. Atsumu doesn’t answer, but he wasn’t really expecting one from him to begin with. “Then, you’re going to lay on the couch while I clean things up in here. I’ll join you after.” Suna sighs and stretches his arm to grab his phone from his

side of the bed. He nuzzles into Atsumu and continues being as affectionate as possible, kissing and caressing whatever open space of skin he can reach. Atsumu preens under the attention, putty in his hands. Suna shakes his head at the thought. He never would’ve thought that

Atsumu of all people would be the one to trust him like this, but here they are. Suna’s balls deep inside of him while Atsumu is deepest he’s ever been into subspace since they started their arrangement. Suna kisses his forehead and sighs, chest full of emotions.

He blushes at the memories slowly surfacing from the night before. He was so /embarrassing/ last night. Why did Atsumu even put up with that? Suna looks down at Atsumu again, checking on him. He moves some hair back off his face and ghosts his lips along his cheek until he

reaches Atsumu’s ear. “And I love you, Atsumu. Thank you for trusting me like this.” He smirks and watches the way Atsumu just tries to get closer to him, seeking warmth. Suna awkwardly drapes the other covers over the both of them and hugs Atsumu close.

“Told you I’d remember.” Suna mutters. ///

Atsumu’s sitting on Suna’s couch when he fully comes to. He blinks a few times to take in his surroundings. Suna is humming, moving around him as he tidies up the apartment. There’s a cover wrapped tightly around Atsumu’s shoulders. “Rin?” Suna drops what he’s doing and

rushes over to Atsumu. He kneels in front of him, thumb brushing over Atsumu’s knee affectionately. “What’s up, Atsumu? Still cold?” Atsumu feels like his mind is swimming through syrup. He slowly shakes his head. “I - Did we play?” Atsumu mumbles. Suna sighs and moves to sit

next to Atsumu. Atsumu’s brows furrow as he tries to think about the previous night and, judging by the light shining in through the windows, morning. He’s coming up empty, though. He can’t remember them planning a scene. “Suna? Did we play?” “Yes, a little bit.”

Suna speaks softly and pulls Atsumu into his chest. Atsumu nods, sighing in relief. “You went pretty deep this time, and it was unplanned. I’m sorry.” Atsumu blinks at Suna’s apology. He racks his brain trying to come up with details from the night before. He remembers

going out with the JNT, he remembers drinking with everyone, taking Suna home after he drank way too much, and then — “I shoulda said no, don’t be sorry.” Atsumu sinks into Suna’s hold. “No, I am sorry. I should’ve stopped as soon as I noticed you were falling under.” Suna

says sternly. He kisses the top of Atsumu’s head and sighs. “It’s my job to look for those kinds of things, but I was selfish and then it was too late. I didn’t know what to do without making it even riskier for you to drop.” Atsumu nods and nuzzles into Suna’s side.

“It can be both our faults. We weren’t very responsible.” Atsumu says slowly. Suna hums and holds Atsumu a little tighter. “No, we weren’t.” Suna says, voice shaky. Atsumu frowns, but stays where he is. Suna hasn’t liked to be called out on his emotions since the day they met.

“But I’m still sorry for the part I played. And I think that we should talk about it more. Later.” Suna rubs Atsumu’s back to get him to relax again. “Right now lets just focus on you.” “But what about you?” Atsumu questions. “Ya seem upset.” Atsumu looks up in time to

see Suna shaking his head. “Ya do. Ya /are/.” Atsumu insists. Suna bites down on his lip and Atsumu holds his face in both his hands. “Rin, ‘m okay. Ya did great.” Atsumu brings their foreheads together softly and smiles. Suna tightens his grip on Atsumu almost painfully.

“‘m okay and ‘m right here, Rin. Ya took great care of me.” Atsumu whispers. Suna shakes his head. “No, I didn’t. You were —.” “Rin, I didn’t start to go into sub space till ya woke up. I know myself and I know my limits. And /I trust you/ ta know those things too.” Atsumu

whispers. Suna sniffles and Atsumu feels a tear hit his thumb. He ignores both of those things. Suna doesn’t want or need to be coddled, he just needs to be reassured. He just needs to know that Atsumu is okay. “‘m okay, Rin. I wouldn’t lie ta ya about this.”

“…You’re sure?” Suna whispers. Atsumu’s heart breaks at the uncertainty plain in his voice. Atsumu nods. “Yeah. Yeah, ‘m sure.” Atsumu pushes on Suna’s shoulders until he’s laying down. He lays down right on top of him, tangling their legs together and giggling in Suna’s face.

“I think ‘s my turn ta take care of you.” Atsumu mumbles. “I was scared.” Suna says in response. Atsumu nods, staying silent. “I thought you were going to hate me.” Suna’s nails dig into Atsumu’s back as he holds onto him. “I don’t hate ya, Rin.” Atsumu says. Promises.

“And now you’re having to take care of me when it should be the other way around and—.” “Suna Rintarou, don’t ya ever say some dumb shit like that again.” Atsumu says fiercely. Suna blinks at him, causing a few tears to leak from his eyes. “This is a give and take. And right

now, ‘s my turn ta give and yer turn ta take. So just shut up and start takin’.” Atsumu glares at Suna until he nods. “Good.” Atsumu lays his head in the crook of Suna’s neck. “Are ya hungry? Thirsty?” Atsumu asks in a much gentler tone.

“I… Just please don’t leave me,” Suna says, voice small. “I’m not.” Atsumu answers. He kisses along Suna’s jaw until he’s hovering over his face again. He smiles and plants a kiss on his lips. “Ya can’t get rid of me that easy.” Suna smiles a shaky smile and pulls

Atsumu back down to lay against him. Atsumu can feel the stress start to leak from Suna’s body and his he smiles, drawing patterns into his chest. “Let’s have lunch in thirty.” Atsumu says. “I’ll cook.”

“Okay.” Suna agrees. He holds Atsumu so tightly that he can’t move. “Sounds great.” ///

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