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Sam Martin



🦊 LCFC THOUGHTS 🦊 Despite us not being that good, there is an appetite for Leicester players given the game in BGW30 and subsequent DGWs that will follow. It’s obviously an ever-changing situation so will help where I can. If it’s of any use (it won’t be) please drop a RT 🙌🏻

BACKGROUND INFO 🕵🏻‍♂️ It’s obviously no surprise that our focus is now on the UECL which coupled with an absurd amount of injuries this season means we will see heavy rotation. Players will be monitored more than most sides. IMO, you certainly don’t want 3 LCFC assets.

BGW30 I will go through BGW30 thoughts but please remember based on the following: - Ndidi/Albrighton out longer term - Daka/Soyuncu possibility to return - No Additional Injuries/Illnesses - 2 Days before Match - Won’t get pre-match presser

FORMATION ⚽️ From an FPL point of view, our move to back 5 in the last ten minutes yesterday creates a bit of doubt with how we set up. Without the severity of Soy/Daka, it’s hard to know for certain, but I’m gonna hope there’s enough moving parts to mean we don’t go with 5.

DEFENCE 🛡 If we are right and we play a back 4, I’d be expecting one of those to be Amartey. If Soyuncu is back I’ll think he’ll partner him and Fofana be eased back in. Thomas/Justin should provide safety being played in both a 4&5 with Justin also class at RCB.

MIDFIELD With Ndidi, Maddison has struggled to cement a place in the side with KDH/Youri playing as 8s so I’m a little unsure what we’ll do here. Mendy could play the Ndidi role or given the fixture Maddison plays the 10 and we are a bit more attacking. I’m gonna lean to JM.

FRONT THREE 💥 I just don’t know enough on the illness to make the call between Iheanacho/Daka so would prefer to avoid. Albrighton’s injury means if we retain the same formation you’d expect it to be Barnes and Lookman. 5-3-2 with Daka would though mean no wingers…

FREE HIT 💣 Obviously depends on your appetite to take risks but I think when weighing up risk/upside my picks would be: Tielemans Amartey Barnes Maddison/Iheanacho both superb upside for those with more bottle but I’m a bit of a pussy.

LONGER TERM For those thinking longer term, I think Barnes is the pick. As spoken about there is that doubt if the formation changes this week but just think he’s our best pick for the run in to the season. Amartey at £3.9m will not do you wrong at all given the price.

MY TEAM I am probably going to bring Barnes in and just hope he plays, if he does I genuinely think he’ll score so it’s worth the risk for me. I know this hasn’t really helped at all, tried my best, I’ll leave the predictions to @ffscout_luke and @Jumpthewave going forward 🤣

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