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LOCKED LIQUIDTY FOR 10 YEARS = STILL A RUGPULL?? ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฅ That's right, even if liquidity is VERIFIED to be locked, scammers can still find ways to steal your money... I will use an example that went down 12 hours ago - a coin called MaxAPY rugpulled their coin ๐Ÿงต1/

About 7 days ago, the main advertisement for new investors into MaxAPY was big crypto Shillers (like @bainesy4886) posting links to their Telegram for money. PS. Not sure how much he knew, or was paid. 2/

Yesterday, Mr @RobotDefi shared with us that the coin became a Honeypot (an unsellable coin) after people had already bought it and the project rugged the liquidity. But how can this happen when he verified that LIQUIDITY WAS LOCKED?? - let's see what they did... 3/

First of all, I used @Token_Sniffer to find the contract. This is the main LP contract: 0xcb6cd204d783dc8d66896a6def5867d332228d7b Originally, this locked over 90% of the tokens... 4/

I went and verified this on Pinksale @pinkecosystem and found that this is infact locked until APRIL 2032 - 10 YEARS FROM NOW! You can see this yourself in the image below, along with the LP contract owner's address. Let's follow the owner's movements... 5/

Remember his address is 0x8061d7e6fd3bc85267f92b2f2357c22c70e23404 15 days ago, he entered a NEW COMMAND into the Liquidity Pool contract "Set Whitelist" and whitelisted his own address, so now he can get funds out of the contract! Look at images below... 6/

1 day and 4 hours ago, his wallet now removes 10 BNB ($4,300) from the LP - which is locked to everyone else. Interesting... 7/

But, he's not alone, the owner's wallet (ending in 3404) sends this 10 BNB to a buddy (ending in 5d7c). He sends this new address 10 BNB as seen below, and he wants his buddy to be whitelisted too... 8/

The owner again modifies the contract and gives his buddy (5d7c) whitelist rights to the Liquidity Pool. So now they can both access the funds together - while it is locked to everyone else. But how do they turn this into an unsellable honeypot? ๐Ÿค” 9/

13 hours ago, the owner modifies the contract and jacks up the "sell_fee" to 1000 - making sure no one else can sell their coins but these two muppets. Remember, now their addresses are whitelisted and these changes don't apply to them. 10/

Now this wallet (ending in 5d7c) has ran away with 10 BNB, over $4,000 from the LP - thanks to the owner modifying the contract. All the meanwhile, that original LP wallet is STILL "LOCKED." And this is how they did it - sorry to everyone that got scammed :( 11/

This one took a while to put together but I had alot of fun delving deeper into this case. Thanks @RobotDefi and @rugmies for the original info on this one too. Please share this because there is a misconception that Locked Liquidity = No Rug Pull - NOT TRUE! Much love๐Ÿ’›

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