ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي

ʿAqīl المُصْطَفَوِي



📚 Radical Reform: Islamic Ethics and Liberation Possibly controversial, haha. I read this back in 2016-17 and it shaped a lot of my thinking then. What struck me the most was the universality of usūl al-fiqh and its direct relation to ethics.

Previously, usūl al-fiqh seemed to me to be divorced from the philosophical question of “how should we live life?”. l assumed it was pretty much contained within the realm of ‘deciding what is halāl/harām’ and it stopped there.

I did not make the further relation that grappling with big concepts like freedom, welfare, development, justice, etc all has its roots to usūl al-fiqh (and obviously, ultimately to the scriptural sources).

If I were to reread this book, I’d think that I’ve moved away from some of the positions in it, but I can’t deny that my interest in ethics and the Islamic worldview was sparked by this book. One of the reasons why I work twice as hard in my studies now is that I make sure...

to not blindly accept everything I learn. I always try to compare it with the Islamic worldview which takes double the amount of effort haha. I won’t say anything about the author, though. I know it’s controversial. Wallāhu a’lam.

I nominate @NeuroMaliki and @IstifanusTrieu

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