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I’m becoming a father in December. Here are 24 things I will teach my son:

1. How you look matters Don’t buy into “only the inside counts”. Your posture is your first impression. Your body composition is your second. Your clothing is your third. Your appearance will open doors, don’t neglect it.

2. Never make excuses Excuses are easy, that’s why everyone uses them. Taking responsibility is hard. Being able to look at what you did wrong, own it & improve from it is a trait few master. And that is exactly why you should.

3. Don’t waste time on regret Don’t waste your time looking back, you’re not going that way. Let the past be the past. Learn your lessons & proceed confidently into the future.

4. Master self-discipline Success requires consistent action. The only way to stay consistent when life gets hard is to master discipline. Learn to do the hard things, especially when you don’t feel like it.

5. Don’t chase women Attract, don’t chase. Women want to be wanted, not needed. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself and the right woman will come.

6. Don’t be nice Be kind. Act from abundance, not from necessity. Niceness indicates neediness. Only a strong man can afford to be truly kind because he expects nothing in return.

7. Be a man of your words Don’t ever break a promise. If you are not sure you can deliver, don’t make a promise. Once you have given your word, keep it at all costs. Your reputation & self-respect depends on it.

8. Be unapologetically great In whatever you do, aim to be the best. Look at each day as an opportunity to out-performance what you did the day prior. Your skills are a result of your daily practice. And your opportunities in life are a result of your skills.

9. Realise that no one is coming to save you Your life is completely in your hands. It will be difficult, but that is what makes life beautiful. Your successes, as well as failures, are your responsibility alone.

10. Tell the truth Truth is objective. You need to find the truth, speak it always & guard it fiercely.

11. Love your mom No one will ever love you like your mother. You won’t always agree with her, but she is always looking out for your best. Her love is your superpower, don’t take it for granted.

12. Stand your ground Stand for what you believe. There will be times when the whole world is telling you to move. You will have to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world: no, you move.

13. Eat your steak There’s no greater influence on your well-being than how you feed your body daily. Steak is the more nutritious food on the planet. Don't skip it.

14. Learn from others' mistakes Learning only from your own mistakes will make life difficult. Observe others'. Look at their failures as feedback. Take notes, and adjust your actions accordingly.

15. Be adaptable Everyone you encounter in life has different personalities & opinions. To get ahead in life you need to adapt accordingly. Learn to meet people where they are.

16. Embrace discomfort Pain is growth, and comfort is a drug. By the time you realize you’re addicted, the damage has already been done. Your life gets easier by doing hard things because you make yourself stronger.

17. Go your own way Do not follow the herd. Trust your inner voice. It will build your confidence & allow others to trust you. Be the lion, not the sheep.

18. Laziness will kill you You’ve been gifted a capable body. Cherish it at all costs. A strong mind requires a strong body. Use your gift to express yourself freely, and never give in to laziness.

19. Fulfilment comes from momentum You’ll only be happy when you make yourself & the world better. Avoid stagnation like the plague. Always move forward. As long as you have momentum, you’ll feel fulfilled.

20. Never hesitate Be decisive. Overanalysing is a mind-killer. Focus on making your decisions right, rather than paralyzing yourself by trying to predict the right decision.

21. Forget about perfection Life doesn’t come with instructions. Mistakes will be made. Accept that no one is perfect, including your dad.

22. Find your brothers "One's back is vulnerable, unless he has a brother." You are the average of your 5 closest friends. You need to be cautious with who you call brother, but make sure to find them.

23. Don’t waste time.. Time is your most valuable resource. Where you spend your time determines your destiny. Don’t let someone else dictate where you spend yours.

24. ..yet be patient Everything worthwhile takes time. The longer you can wait for a reward, the bigger it will be. Rushing is a boy’s game. Patience is a man’s.

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