Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 12 🦊 Toys // middle school aged, plushophilia, cum play

Excitement rushed through Atsumu, making his fingers and toes tingle. Osamu and their parents were off running some errands this afternoon. Luckily, Atsumu was finally old enough to be left home on his own for a few hours.

Just like any other boy his age he had only one thing on his mind. As soon as the front door closed and he was sure they were gone he scampered off to the room he shared with his twin. It was rare to have uninterrupted time alone. He could finally do /that/ again.

Just thinking about it left him stiff in his pants. Usually he was forced to take care of it in the shower (the only place he got a break from Osamu). Today however he could touch his dick however he liked.

After launching himself on his bed and peeling off his shorts and top he grabbed Teddy. His bear was worn and well loved, the fur was soft from repeatedly being thrown in the wash by mom.

Osamu sometimes teased Atsumu for keeping his small collection of stuffed animals on the bed, but he didn’t realise how useful they could be besides cuddling.

After settling down in a comfortable recline he took a hold of Teddy by the body and pressed it along his body from belly to thigh. His small cock caught along the contours of the toy as he lazily rubbed it up and down himself. It felt so soft against his skin.

He turned the toy and nestled his length in the plush back of the bear. Then he held Teddy still and rocked against it. It was even better than he had remembered from his brief late night indulgences. Little gasps fell from his mouth at the sensations.

He tried to take his time, shifting from angle to find what motions made his spine zip and his toes curl. He was on his knees, one hand was holding onto the rungs of the bunk bed for balance and the other was holding Teddy as he thrust into it when he was interrupted.

“What are you doing?” Osamu’s voice was like cold ice being dumped down his back. He dropped his hand to push Teddy further against himself and hunched over in panic.

“What!? What are ya doing here?” He coarsely whispered, worry that their parents were shortly behind bounced in his mind. “It’s my room? Mom and Dad dropped me off so I could work on my homework,” Osamu wouldn’t stop looking at him, “like you are supposed to be doing.”

Atsumu really shouldn’t have still been so hard, but his libido was unquenchable these days and Teddy was still right there. He couldn’t help but push the bear against himself, the pressure balanced just right with the comforting fur.

The guilt and adrenaline of the situation intensified his movements. Atsumu’s gaze dropped down to his bear and his mouth popped open in a silent gasp at the sensation. When he glanced up Osamu had moved to the edge of the bed.

“Is it… does it really feel that good?” Osamu’s face was open and curious, his eyes wide and shiney. He thrust against Teddy again, Osamu’s sight burning him up.

“Samu, it’s good, so good.” Osamu looked hesitant but Atsumu continued fucking into Teddy. His brother's hand unconsciously reached down to cup his own stiffening cock.

Atsumu glanced at the rest of his stuffed animal collection and pointed, “Use Mr. Bunny, he’s the next best after Teddy, his furs a bit longer but I like grabbing the ears.”

Osamu wordlessly reached across the bed to get the rabbit. He used his free hand to pull his shorts down and then tug on his dick a few times.

Atsumu hadn’t seen anyone else hard before. It was red and the skin looked so smooth, jutting out beautifully from Osmau’s lithe hips.

Soon it was out of sight when Osamu moved the rabbit against himself slowly, “oh,” he sighed before picking up the pace. He gripped nervously on the tail of the rabbit and he impulsively chewed on his bottom lip.

Atsumu resumed his own movements, leaning back to sit on his heels now. The repercussions of the bouncing bed making his dick rub further against the bear.

Osamu ground his hips in a circular pattern against the soft tummy of the rabbit, little moans and gasps falling out if his mouth. His eyes hardly strayed from Atsumu’s increasingly frantic thrusts into his own plush.

“So good, haaah, Samu, isn’t it good? Do you like it?” Atsumu was breathless as he raced towards the end. Soon he was cumming messily onto his bear. He pulled the plush away and more cum dribbled out down his length.

Osamu groaned and his eyes rolled, he dropped Mr Rabbit and reached down to catch his load in his hands. His twitching length on display.

“Wow—” Atsumu started when Osmau spoke over him. “Yer bear is all messy now,” his nose crinkled up in the same way as when Atsumu picked at food or left laundry on the floor. It was comforting to see a familiar expression.

“I’ll just wipe’em off and throw it in the laundry, besides you have a hand of jizz now? How is that better?” Osamu looked at his sticky hand and then back to Atsumu. “Doncha dare!” Atsumu’s voice rose in a panicky squeak.

As if in slow motion Osmau reached his hand out and —SPLAT— there was a handprint of cum on Atsumu’s chest. “Osamu!! It’s cold!” Atsumu screeched.

Osmau’s hand traced through the mess as it trickled down. Atsumu’s nipples had contracted into stiff peaks at the feeling, one covered in white. “Ya do this to your poor bear but you can’t take it yourself.” Osamu goaded.

Atsumu's mind was slow and overwhelmed from the evolving situation, he really couldn’t help the words that fell out of his mouth, “Well, I could if it was still warm at least, not after sitting around in your hand.” Osamu’s brows shot up and a wicked grin split his face.


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