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cw: osaatsu, age gap, dubcon, noncon, somno, underage Middle School Atsumu is at the phase of exploring many things at his age. But University Student Osamu never expected that he would be a part of it. Waking up in the middle of the night to find Atsumu sucking his cock +

so skillfully that Osamu has to remain silent to not get caught of being awake whilst witnessing this. The way Atsumu laps with his pink tongue and his tiny mouth envelopes his cock, humming when the tip hits the back of his throat, sends shivers all over Osamu's body.

His cock slicked with spit and he isn't sure how long since Atsumu started giving him a head. It's just getting harder and harder to hold back. Osamu then decides to blow his cover and places his hand on the back of Atsumu's head. A panicked whine sounds from his little +

brother's throat and attempts to pull away, but Osamu secures his head in place. "Keep yer mouth open fer me, 'kay?" He rasps. And that was the only warning he gave Atsumu before he forcefully pushes him down on his cock. Atsumu barely could do a thing but he tries to +

relax his jaw and throat in order not to gag so much. Osamu does notice this adjustment but he focuses what's at hand for now. He considerately uses Atsumu's mouth, sliding his cock and feeling his little brother's tongue swirling the under area of his shaft and flicking +

his cock head. Osamu grits his teeth and breathes a curse. He's fully awake and alert now and it finally registers in his mind how sensitive he's become right now. "Yeah, that's it." Osamu pants as he watches Atsumu's firmly shut eyes to slowly peel open and peek up to his +

direction. Wet bleary eyes and hint of flush on his face can be seen with the help of the little light coming from the moon from the window. Osamu senses his orgasm closing alarmingly at that. He yanks Atsumu's hair away and strokes himself rigorously, spilling strings of his +

load on Atsumu's face and some in his mouth hanging open. Osamu continues to fist his cock until the last of his cum. It takes him a moment to catch his breath before becoming aware of the whole situation. He pushes his upper body up with his elbows to face Atsumu across him.

Osamu's eyes widens when he sees Atsumu cleaning off his cum from his face with his thumb and /swallowing/ it dutifully. "Wha–stop that, 'Tsumu!" Osamu scolds and pries away Atsumu's hand from his mouth.

"Why? I know it's safe. 'Sides, I always swallow anyway and nothing happens." "What?" Osamu freezes as he stares at him, with an arched eyebrow, completely dumbfounded. Atsumu only grins at him. "Whenever ya sleep, 'Samu-nii."

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