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12 Powerful Lessons From The Book "Models - Attract Women Through Honesty" - Female Psychology Thread -

You don’t have to be rich and famous to be attractive, but you should display the qualities that show you have potential to be rich and famous.

The more physical assertiveness you pursue a woman with, the more aroused she becomes.

Women are typically more attracted to men who are more invested in themselves than they are in them.

Set very high standards and stick to them.

Being physically assertive and sexually forthright triggers a woman’s sexual arousal and makes her want to have sex, often right then and there, and often even if she rejects your advances two or three or ten times.

How attractive you are is based on your confident behavior. Your confident behavior is based on how vulnerable you’re able to make yourself.

If a guy weren’t fearless about being rejected, he wouldn’t have the confidence to honestly express his attraction to a woman.

If you don’t find a woman attractive, don’t approach her. It’s not practice, it’s desperation.

Showing desire isn’t a problem, but showing it in a way that communicates being overinvested is.

Have opinions – the easiest way to be interesting is to have an opinion one way or the other, and not worry about people being insulted by your opinion.

Instead of asking her a question about herself, you guess the answer to your question and then state it.

You should cold-read as much as possible. Any time you’re asking a question that requires a factual answer; take a stab at the answer instead of asking.

The Game is 100% learnable. Guys always ask me "Where do I start? What should I read?" This is where to start. 1. Get this bundle.👇 2. Go through the material (in audiobook or PDF format). 3. Apply the advice. 4. Watch your results skyrocket.🚀

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