Latino Bodybuilders for Hellenism

Latino Bodybuilders for Hellenism



Utopia poasting can be just wish dreams, but can also clarify many priorities: Zionism starts as utopia poasting but lead to a state. They debated many things, like whether homeland should be in Palestine or Patagonia...many priorities, order of action can be revealed.....(thred)

I dream of a state stretching from southeast Brazool--roughly north of Rio state, to north Argentina, at least Buenos Aires province, but possibly incorporating Patagonia and Chile. When I lived in area and proposed such union response was shocked disbelief and anger. Normal BUT:

Start from physical advantages. I know of nowhere else in world that is as blessed as this land. Perfect weather year-round. No natural disasters of any kind: no hurricanes, earthquakes, nothing. Not even extensive tropical diseases. Land is fruitful, fertile, full of resources!

If it weren't for its population problems this land stretching from south Brazool to southern cone would be close as it gets to paradise on earth. But second, it also has high human capital even now. The Argentine people are mix of Spanish, Italian, with quite a bit of other Euro

South Brazool has similar profile: Italian, German. In both places there is old French, English, Swiss and east Euro presence. Reflected in your daily life, conversation with Argentine often you see witty, intelligent educated people. Brazil, even with all its demo problems...

...Can build jets of high quality; Embraer has a very good reputation for example. Nevertheless, in both places there is a large non-Euro population that acts as client voters for oligarch-leftoid alliance and drains nations. Roughly 50-70% populationwill have to be resettled

The resettlement of extraneous unproductive population in this New Land can be achieved humanely: "it is better for your constitution to live in equatorial areas, we will help you relocate," and so on, gradually done. Meanwhile immigration from northwest Europe can be encouraged

The demographic problems are in this case indistinguishable from the political disease; Argentina above all is a nation crushed by its political problems and corruption more than anything else. This change of population is indistinguishable from a political revolution...

Which brings me to what political DORKS would be most interest in, "What form of government" would this place have. In only general outlines, the founding principle would be same as Zionism: racial survival, but complemented by political and rhetorical enhancements....

First off, Zionism and Israel aren't as healthy as whyte nashionalists imagine. I've written about this for a while: the concessions made on one hand to liberalism (a LEFTIST supreme court) on the other to democracy (see RE Yemenites in Bronze Age Mindset) greatly weaken country

The rhetorical and political allowances made to liberalism and Western post-1945 norms, despite considerable leeway given to Israel, nevertheless seriously weaken its resolve and ability to carry out full meaning of founding principle, racial survival and continuity...

By contrast, this New Land will make NO CONCESSIONS to modern degenerate government forms. I would intend this land as an ARK to preserve the seeds of the Aryan race through the FLOOD and travails of "modernity," the Darkening that started in 1700's!!

This state, possible name Mu, would be organized similar to Sparta and on similar principles of natural perfection: purpose would be to form a biological continuity between the well being of the people AND the land. eg All industrial agriculture and its associated evils BANNED

The HEALTH and genetic integrity of both the people and the land would be the first priority: the PROTECTION against modern ideological and chemical DENATURING or degradation of natural substance would be the fundamental task of this state

Form of state will be rule by an assembly of armed men, will vote on important decisions; role of Spartan ephors will be taken by Eugenic Council. Armed assembly will elect king during crises. Supreme care will be paid to youth education as well as to curating assembly membership

The illiberal aspects of this ON PAPER may blind some to fact that for its made members this state will provide ultimate leisure, freedom and power to achieve great aims. This state, defensive in origin, would provide for the expansion of the best by reestablishing natural biome

For example membership on citizen (assembly) rolls as well as leadership positions would be open to challenge by individual duel. The return of this institution would be central to law, membership and decision-making in this state. No concessions to humanitarian morality

Similar, while its foreign orientation would be restrained at first based on material limitations, this state WOULD have nuclear weapons, be unafraid to use them in defense; given that foundation of this state depends on at least partial end of degenerate Pax Americana....

The natural disorder of a multipolar world would provide members of this assembly considerable opportunities for various recreational activities around the world. Great scientific projects and experiments, impossible now, would begin again...

There are a few other institutions, besides the duel, that must be reestablished. The absolute exclusion of w*m*n from all political and public life is necessary. On the other hand--trads will not like this--femaels will be given CONSIDERABLE freedom in sexual selection

You will notice I didn't say the purpose of Eugenic Council is to decide on marriages; it must decide on youth education and giving opportunities to the best. To prevent formation of a sclerotic "trad" incel elite, is important rather to free and INTENSIFY femael sexual selection

The CONTEST or the agon will be placed at the center of social and political life, even more than it was in the Grek city. The end of this paltry humanitarian rat doctrine of "equal rights" and compassion! The reassertion of BIOLOGICAL enhancement in every area of life....

The entire state, again, would be devoted to providing the conditions, both for its citizens and for the natural environment, of flourishing of SUPREME SPECIMENS, with NO regard to beta, humanitarian, or "trad" ethics, values, moraline, call it what you will!

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