My final #Thread on debunking all propaganda spread by leftist on # #VeerSavarkar Now I have more material to post than my previous thread which I posted months ago.... And have completed both volumes on veer Savarkar by Vikram Sampath (1/n)

Only Savarkar wrote petition.. Biggest lie Sachin Nath Sanyal in his book Bandhi Jeevan wrote that he wrote similar petition as that of Savarkar but he was released but not Savarkar (2/n)

Ram Prasad bismil has also written petition Will he quality as freedom fighters now? (3/n)

200 Congressi get out of Jail after writing mercy petition Source : Patel : A life by Raj mohan Gandhi Credit :: @Jinesh_Choraria (4/n)

Prisoners who wrote petition along with Savarkar (5/n)

Craddock visited the Kala Pani, and in his report, he writes that ‘he(savarkar) cannot be said to express any regret or repentance’ for whatever he did. (6/n)

This is what Savarkar thought about his petition. (7/n)

Savarkar was not released due to his petitions.His all petitions were rejected.Britisher were thinking to close andaman Jail . He was transferred to mainland jail in Ratnagiri and was released in 1924 . (8/n)

Weekly Report on Savarkar during house arrest confinement dated 28 th July 1924 . Read carefully British still doubts this man . (9/n) Credit : @sameer_kasture

In official records of that period, Mahatma Gandhi's explanation to Govt about Quit India movement is called as an "apologia". Historian Dr RC Majumdar wrote that it was an apology Home Department October 1945 refers to Mahatma Gandhi’s apology over Quit...(10/n) CreditAnuj Dhar

If u say u have objection with wordings of Savarkar 's petition then have a look at this (I have the honor to be your most faithful person) Many letters written to Britishers end like this I have attached letter of Gandhi (11/n)

In a letter addressed to the The District Magistrate of Cawnpore, Shripad Dange and Nalini Das Gupta (co-founder of CPI) agree not to commit any more offences. They then requested the govt to release them as soon as possible. Credit : (12/n)

Those who question petition written by Veer Savarkar are writing petition for terrorist One such signed by prominent personalities including Intellectual Historians for Afzal Guru (13/n)

look at Nehru at Nabha Jail. Nehru's 2 week stay at Nabha Jail in 1923.He can't withstand Harsh condition.His father run to viceroy signed a bond and secure his release with a condition that he will not enter Nabha again without special permission.But Yes Savarkar was Kayar(14/n)

Who gave the title "Veer" To savarkar (15/n)

" Life of Barrister Savarkar " Wasn't written by Savarkar The claim that it was written by Savarkar comes from the second publisher of the book, Dr. Ravindra Ramdas... (16/n) cont....

No reference was provided by him to support the statement.He made this claim after 60 years of 1st publication. He might have written this because book contain so much detail about Savarkar life during his India House days that he assumed to be probably written by Savarkar.(17/n)

What Vikram Sampath has written about who could have probably written "Life of barrister Savarkar" (18/n)

Now about so called pension. It was british policy to give allowance to political prisoners. Savarkar was under surveillance from 1924 - 1937 so in 1929 to meet his expenses he applied for allowance that he received till 1937.(19/n)

Even Gandhi got allowance during his arrest in 1930 (20/n) Credit : @Aparna1_t

Many Bengal - punjab revolutionaries got allowances (21/n)

Now biggest lie that Savarkar did nothing for freedom after coming out of Jail (22/n)

Savarkar on Quit India movement From his book Hindurashtra darshan (23/n)

Ambedkar on Quit India movement (24/n)

What Congress President , Maulana Azad during quit India movement said about the movement. (25/n)

The movement was later itself disowned by congress due to violence (26/n)

Fake rape allegations on Savarkar by leftists (27/n)

Savarkar & Hindu mahasabha opposed partition. Source : History of the Freedom Movement in India, Vol 3 by R C Majumdar (28/n)

Even Ambedkar mentioned in his book Pakistan Or partition of India that Savarkar believed that there are 2 nations : A hindu and a Muslim nation but India can't be partitioned (29/n)

Savarkar himself clarified about this after his speech but leftist still use his that speech to prove that he want partition (30/n)

Savarkar demanding Akhand Bharat (31/n)

Savarkar even formed anti Pakistan front to oppose partition (32/n)

(Towards Freedom 1947: Part 1, ed. Sucheta Mahajan) Hindu Mahasabha opposing partition (33/n)

All India Hindu Mahasabha meeting to be held at Bilaspur Telegraphic Address: "Akhand Bharat"(34/n)

Another lie that Savarkar didn't accepted Tri color as National flag. Savarkar advocated for Bhagwa as National flag but when Tri color is finalised to be our national flag savarkar accepted it and wave both Bhagwa and Tri color at his home on 15 Aug 1947 (35/n)

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