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#miyacest, !fem Atsumu Atsumu has such a juicy ass that all Osamu can think about is groping it, smacking it, biting it, fucking it.... When Atsumu is wearing shorts that are just shy of showing her asscheeks, Osamu loses it. A chance encounter in the kitchen

while their parents are out is an encounter that Osamu will not let go to waste. He goes up to Atsumu and just.... hugs her. To Atsumu, it seems like just a simple hug at first. A show of appreciation that Osamu has for Atsumu. But then, Osamu nuzzles his face into her neck,

licking and kissing it, and grabs her ass. Hard. He's practically squeezing it, kneading it like you would bread dough. This takes Atsumu by surprise. "Samu... what're ya..." "Shhh. Don't talk. just let it happen" Osamu whispers in her ear. This makes Atsumu shudder.

She can feel his hard-on against her pussy through his shorts. Fuck, he feels huge. Osamu slips his hands into her panties and gropes her some more, and she can't help but moan out when he spreads her ass cheeks apart. "Fuck, you're so sexy. Your ass.... can I fuck it? Please?"

"I want to see your ass cheeks bounce when I pound into your hole mercilessly. I want you to feel so good your clenching around me. I wanna hear you moan my name as you cum from my dick. I want to see my load dripping out of you when I'm finished" Osamu is spouting

dirty words that Atsumu can't help but become aroused from, panties damp from her juices. She doesn't say a word, just nods. Osamu turns her around and pins her against the counter, swiftly pulling down her shorts and panties and letting them drop to her ankles. He takes out his

cock and spits into his hands, lubing himself up before he sticks a finger into Atsumu's hole to stretch her add, gradually adding more fingers as he goes. "You're taking me well for your first time. And with just my fingers too. Have you fucked anyone else?" Osamu questions,

curious. "N-no...." Atsumu barely says before Osamu is plunging his cock into her ass. Atsumu moans loudly from the sudden action before Osamu stuffs his fingers into her mouth. She instinctively sucks on them, her moans slipping through as Osamu pounds into her over and over,

slapping her ass every other time he thrusts into her. "Fuck, you feel so good baby. I wish you could see my cock thrusting into this big ass of yours. I'm already about to cum and I just barely started. You feel so good~" Osamu moans out. He's fucking into Atsumu some more

before she cums with him. "Aaah! I'm about to cum!" she cries out. "Me... too baby" Osamu barely utters, short of breath as he pounds into her as hard as he can before he's shooting his load inside of her. He doesn't pull out right away, watching Atsumu's body twitch

and feeling her hole clench tight around him as she cums too.

it is fat ass Atsumu hours

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