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#joongdok Omega Kim Dokja mated to alpha Yoo Joonghyuk, but...Kim Dokja is outcasted by the pack because he was the child of the enemy pack leader. And then when he finally decided he had enough, and getting out of there was a must... Yoo Joonghyuk wouldn't let him.

- a/b/o - Hurt/Comfort - Angst - Happy ending

Kdj and Yjh didn't mate out of love, it just... kind of happened for their packs sake. And well, Kim Dokja knew his father sold him for nothing more than a few more alpha wolves sent his way. And Yoo Joonghyuk hadn't disagreed, he saw in him the perfect opportunity.

Becoming the alpha leader. Yeah Kim Dokja had expected that much. Yoo Joonghyuk was fierce warrior, he probably thought the place was made for him. Kim Dokja wouldn't disagree.

He only missed a mate to challenge the past leader after all. And Kdj seemed good enough at the moment. The omega going as far as to think he'd be thrown out the moment Yjh didn't see him useful anymore. He never did.

But it never made Kim Dokja feel safer, he feared for the worst to come anytime soon. Even if Yoo Joonghyuk did things that made his weak heart throbs, his cheeks blushing and his brain dizzy.

The alpha wasn't a wolf of many words. But the little actions he did rendered Kim Dokja into such a flustered mess. Kim Dokja couldn't hunt, didn't take stroll with the other omegas, wasn't good a sewing and definitely couldn't cook for the life of him.

And his mate was... fine with that? Yeah... Fine. He did all the cooking, hunted for the whole pack and probably knew how to sew. Kim Dokja saw him trying to teach it to his pup sister once. Yoo Mia wasn't good, but she tried and ended up doing something better than Kim Dokja.

So Kim Dokja spent his day confined in their shared cabin. He didn't do much, starving himself until he grabbed a book his mate brought back for him, reading until night had fallen and Yoo Joonghyuk went back home. Just that, all the time.

He wasn't happy. And he felt terrible because he should, he really shoud be happy. But he couldn't, not with how things were going in the pack. It made his omega whine, he was the new alpha leader's rightful mate. They should respect him a little bit more.

They didn't. The few stroll he dared to do ended up with him hiding in bushes until the other wolves had left. Hearing them calling him a dirty slut, saying he shouldn't be here. Staying with his dirty pack. He wanted to bite them, yell at them that he would if he could!

Not that he liked his previous pack, so quick to get rid of him and news or letters sent from his father. He wondered how it was back there, if his mother was okay. He went out to get herbs, and maybe some fruits. All this while hoping his mate would like the fruits.

Yoo Joonghyuk didn't seems to care, he nodded when Kim Dokja handed them to him. And that was it. Saying Kim Dokja was disappointed was an euphemism.

He was downward heartbroken. He tried so hard. And then he stopped trying at all. Yoo Joonghyuk hardly tried anything anymore and Kim Dokja wasn't sure he cared anymore. The cabin had become so cold since then.

And Kim Dokja felt their bond straining with time. But what Kdj didn't know was that Yoo Joonghyuk's brain had stopped working the moment he received the gift. His alpha so happy to have such a good mate. But he didn't answer, didn't know what to say when Kdj left in a hurry.

I don't feel like going further today. Im sad, I wanted angst. Im going to drink a little so maybe i'll tweet some dumb stuff idk good night maybe.??.

Yoo Joonghyuk saw Kim Dokja for the first time and immediately knew his wolf was down bad for him. The beautiful white wolf who could always be found near the end of his pack's perimeters, quietly reading. Yoo Joonghyuk didn't think he could ever get Kim Dokja to be his.

But when his pack leader showed interest in finally merging both packs, Yoo Joonghyuk couldn't let the opportunity slip his grasp. The pack alpha needed a willing member to mate with the omega of his choice from the Kim pack. Yoo Joonghyuk knew no one wanted that, but he did.

He proposed himself, saying he shoud mate the omega son of the Kim's alpha leader. His own alpha leader couldn't agree more and Kim Dokja's father just asked for a few alpha to be sent to his pack. He threw them the poor omega, as if he didn't care.

Yoo Joonghyuk mated Kim Dokja right after, a bit worried about the lack of "no" from his future mate who just nodded and agreed with a blank face. He felt bad. Something ugly stirring in his stomach, he had forced this upon Kim Dokja. The result couldn't be good.

He wanted Kim Dokja's happiness more than anything else. He took and mated him so gently, the omega didn't know what to say. They both liked it, or at least he thought they did. Kim Dokja looked ethereal under him, such a pretty mate. Yoo Joonghyuk stayed with him at first.

But sadly he had his duties to attend to the month after. He didn't see the harm in letting Kim Dokja alone, the omega needed to open up more to his new pack anyway. He figured it was a great idea. But instead, Kim Dokja ended up even more... closed inside.

They barely talked anymore, not that they did anything to start with. Yoo Joonghyuk was glad Mia was so talkative, she flawlessly made sure every dinner weren't awkward. And well, they did sleep in the same bed. But the alpha couldn't force his hand on his mate once more.

Kim Dokja was sad, he wanted the alpha to like him. But so far it didn't sound like that, he didn't know Yoo Joonghyuk had asked to be his mate. In his head, their mating was forced by his father. For Kim Dokja, Yoo Joonghyuk didn't have any choice.

That's why he agreed si willingly, the fact that his future alpha was such a big catch as well, but mostly because it was all for the better to keep quiet.

Yoo Joonghyuk didn't see the pack hostile behavior. Not when he was so busy claiming the alpha leader's place. Not when he neglected his mate. Not when Kim Dokja was doing his utmost to keep this hidden.

The last straw for Kim Dokja happened while Kim Dokja braved the pack to pick up flowers Mia asked for. She didn't went with him, busy training for god know what. He heard his packmate's whispers, of Yoo Joonghyuk spending his ruts with Lee Seolhwa.

Kim Dokja wanted to laugh, Yoo Joonghyuk would never after all. But then, night came and with that his very own mate smelling like another wolf. Kim Dokja didn't say anything, but in his mind he already knew.

He wanted to leave. No actually, fuck that, he needed to leave. Would Yoo Joonghyuk go as far as to slowly kill him just to mate with another? Kim Dokja was going crazy because the alpha was to kind to ever do that.

But Kim Dokja didn't want to hear this awful pack speaking of this. For all they knew it was a big misunderstanding. But what if not? Kim Dokja would leave by morning, when the alpha would be too busy hunting.

If he was quick enough, maybe he could reach his previous pack! Beg his father to take him back. But instead Kim Dokja run face to face with a rogue. A black wolf with red eyes who seemed to understand what Kim Dokja was. A weak omega he could take for himself.

Kim Dokja shivered, what good would it do to even shift? He couldn't possibly be faster than this wolf. The omega stepped back, shifted and growled. But the rogue wasn't deterred, neither was Kim Dokja, biting and drawing blood. He wouldn't go down that easily.

But Kim Dokja didn't know how to fight, and quickly the rogue overpowered him. Knocking the omega out. He faintly though scenting Yoo Joonghyuk smell, but maybe his mate passed by not to long ago... Ah, how much of an idiot he was to believe he could get away safely?

You Joonghyuk went back from the hunt to find his little sister crying, she didn't make a lot of sense because of the ugly sobbing but he managed to understand the most important thing. "Kim Dokja left!!"

He dropped his sister to his esteemed friend, Lee Seolhwa. And true to what Mia said, Kim Dokja had left because his smell lead to the outside forest. Yoo Joonghyuk cursed the world when heavy rain started to erase his mate scent.

Still, he was good at tracking and Kim Dokja was a disaster outside, he couldn't have gone very far. But instead of finding his mate a little bit bruised, what greeted his eyes was his mate all bloody under so brute rogue who would soon regret ever touching Kim Dokja.

Yoo Joonghyuk shifted, and immediately jumped in with the sole intent to kill. His alpha wanted blood for his wounded omega. And he would have it. He took down the rogue with no problems, it was too easy but soon... He saw Kim Dokja bleeding out, shivering under the cold water.

Yoo Joonghyuk shifted back, reaching out to carry his bleeding mate. Kim Dokja growled. "Don't touch me." Yoo Joonghyuk blinked, surprised to see Kim Dokja moving. "You're hurt, we have to go back home."

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