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cw// incest/ miyacest/ omegaverse "samu' " osamu looked up at atsumu who was standing next to the bed "i need you" atsumu was in heat. osamu sat up from the bed and pulled atsumu in closer to him spreading his legs so atsumu could stand in between them "yer gonna have ta

be quiet okay? cus ma and pa are still home." atsumu nodded , he was sweating and his face was red. he's been holding this in for a while, probably because he didn't want to annoy osamu with whatever he was doing, but he couldn't take it anymore. osamu told atsumu to lay down

and atsumu did exactly that, with his shirt already off and pants pulled down to his ankles. osamu was already on top of him, kissing his neck. osamu's scent already calmed him down but he still wanted more. he couldn't stand seeing him so far away, atsumu needed osamu closer

to him. "samu i-i need ya" osamu didnt hesitate to fill atsumu up, he couldn't stand making his omega wait any longer. because how could he? ~ osamu aligned himself with atsumu's hole and began to enter him. atsumu covered his mouth so their parents wouldn't hear.

osamu went faster by the minute and atsumu couldn't take not moaning out his name, he let a little breath and moan slip here and there but it wasn't loud enough. it was like music to osamu's ears, 'how can atsumu moan so pretty?' osamu thought as he quickened the pace of his

thrusts, "sa-samu please m-m almost ther-" osamu didnt let him finish, he was soon banging atsumu and making the bed shake as atsumu was arching his back and opening his mouth to scream. but osamu wouldn't let him, he couldn't. once atsumu was about to finish, osamu stuck

two fingers in his mouth to stop the moans from coming out "i said be quiet" all atsumu could do was moan in response as his pussy was dripping with him and his brothers semen. osamu picked arsumu up amd placed him in a position on his chest. "thank you" atsumu said as he

fell asleep in osamus arms. " your welcome"

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