Saleem Bokhari

Saleem Bokhari



How to Read Research Articles of Various Types 📚 & Assess Methodological Quality? (to UNDERSTAND, write better REVIEW & find RESEARCH GAP) 10 points Thread Links to resource at the end #AcademicTwitter @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie @ThePhDPlace @AcademicChatter 1. How to Read a Paper?

2. How to Read a Scientific Paper? (Evidence Summaries, Experiments & Observations based)

3. How to read a Social Science Article?

5. How to Read a Qualitative Research Article?

6. How to Read a Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses?

7. How to read a Paper on economic analyses?

8. How to Read a Paper reporting diagnostic or screening tests?

9. How to Read a Paper Reporting Drug Trials?

10. How to Assess the Methodological Quality of Published Papers?

How to write a series of research papers?

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