Dr. Shalini Singhal

Dr. Shalini Singhal



Eating Tips for Covid Patients. #Thread 1) Hydration is paramount. Drink plenty of water, neither hot nor cold. Room temperature is best. 2) Light and soft food with less spices. 3) Fresh paneer ( chhenaa ) or eggs will provide good quality protein. #EatRight #CovidPatient

4) Curd ( at room temperature & not sour) or a prebiotic will be good to take care of your gut 5) Include seasonal green veggies. 6) Check Blood sugar levels if a diabetic and eat in accordance. 7) One Fresh seasonal fruit ( not chilled or sour) will soothe the gut. #EatingTips

8)Avoid foods which cause bloating as you might be resting mainly. Avoid gobhi, arvi, chana, rajmah, raw sprouts, etc 9)Avoid any hot fluids like kadhaa if you have a sensitive gut,haemorrhoids, ulcers,acne,hot flashes etc. #EatingRightInCovid

10)Avoid bulking up in one go. Eat small n frequent when sick 11)Any vit supplement on Dr.'s advice. Do not overdose on Vit D. 12)Avoid alcohol. 13)Ignore WA forwards unless directly from a genuine source. 14)Don't over medicate with ayurvedic, allopathic medicines together.

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