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We've discussed this before, but it's worth repeating: There is a federal law that you can use to get even cheaper flights, and not nearly enough people know about it 👀

The 24-hour rule is a federal regulation that automatically entitles you to a 24-hour grace period from the moment you purchase a flight during which you can cancel and get a full cash refund. Yes, even for nonrefundable tickets.

It covers all flights to or from a US airport, even on a foreign airline, so long as: * You book the flight at least 7 days out * You book directly with the airline, rather than an online travel agency (though some agencies like Orbitz and Priceline also have the 24 hour policy)

There are two major scenarios in which knowing this can save you hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars on your flight:

1. Mistake Fares We know that that $169 roundtrip flight to Paris isn't going to last long enough for you to call your partner, wait for them to call back, coordinate time off, budget your trip, then book the flight. Mistake Fares come and go in a flash and you have to be ready!

Knowing you can cancel for 24 hours, you can book that Mistake Fare right away and then figure out the logistics and if the trip is really feasible for you. If not, cancel and get your full cash refund!

2. Fare wars Every so often, airlines engage in a fare war, going back and forth, undercutting each other's prices until they hit rock bottom (who remembers that $202 roundtrip deal to Japan, courtesy of a fare war?)

If you book a flight, but then find that within 24 hours it's even cheaper, you can book the new flight, cancel the old one, and pocket the difference. Just be sure to do it in this order, because price drops often bounce back quick, and we don't want you to be without a flight!

Most airlines have a self service cancellation option, but agencies like the ones mentioned above often do not, so give yourself enough time so the wait for customer service doesn't push you outside the window. So book with the airline when you can, know your rights, and enjoy!

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