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I grew up surrounded by drug addicts Here's how I didn't become one // a thread ๐Ÿงต

Growing up I was surrounded by - Meth addicts - Pill addicts - Alcoholics I struggled at 10 years old with drug addiction I've been clean since 12 It started with a simple decision

I realized that if I continued down this path that my future was set for: - A broken family - Depression - Failure I made the choice to say enough is enough

It wasn't easy because so many approached me with temptation I had access to anything I wanted - Hardcore - Pain pills - Weed I had to be mentally strong enough to say no It was a daily grind

I knew that I was the only hope for a different path It was up to me to break these curses that plagued generations So I started with telling my dad "This stops with me" Then I made a plan

I went on to be the first to - Graduate from college - Not be on drugs after age 18 - Take ownership of my family's future This has led to the chance to share my story with kids who struggle

These are kids who are in broken homes Who have no hope Who don't know a way out My story gives them hope and belief that they can change If you are in this spot in life Hear this,

No matter your circumstances No matter where you are No matter your past You still have the chance to own your story and break generational curses I can say this because I'm living proof that it's possible We are the authors of our story

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