taylor tookes || law of assumption³

taylor tookes || law of assumption³



the tv show method 📺

DISCLAIMER ‼️ you do NOT need methods to manifest. the things that manifest will ALWAYS be your thoughts. methods are just used for fun & they DO help some people. just know they aren’t needed.

📺 tonight, i’ll show you guys a fun little method that i like to do when i’m bored. it’s called the TV METHOD. tv method: living as if i am the main character in a show & dividing multiple desires into seasons.

we all know there is usually a main character in a tv show. in this case, it’ll be you. YOU are the main character, which is the truth anyway because you are living in your own individual reality right now where YOU are in control. your world revolves around you.

📺 i choose 3-4 (sometimes 5) desires & assign it to one season plot. i basically just think as if i have all of those things right now because i am in whatever season you wanna call it (season 1, season 2, etc.) ——

above is an example of my desires assigned to each seasonal plot. i would say things like: - i’m in season 1 right now - this is season 1 - i’m living season 1 right now & since my brain knows what season 1 consists of, everything under it will manifest into reality.

you can make it interesting for yourself and write whatever you want under each season. after all, it’s all up to you because YOU are the screenwriter and producer. 🥳

you can even assign people roles as well & write that under the season. for example — want a love interest? then write (NAME is love interest for season 3.) be as detailed & descriptive as you like. mine is more so just straight forward & to the point.

that’s basically it. you’re just the main character living out life through a plot according to the script you wrote for your tv show. pretty simple & fun 🫶🏽

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