5 years ago all my friends wanted to do was drink, smoke, and party... Nowadays I have contacts I never would've thought possible. 80% of this success came from having a high value Instagram.

If you know what pics to post to come across as high value, you can literally change your social life, business, and dating life… Here's 7 steps to create a high value IG that allows you to make more money, meet influential friends, and date hotter women 🧵

Before you even think about improving your Instagram, first define who you want to attract with it What's the point of improving your Instagram if you have no direction? That’s why step 1 is to…

1. Define who you want to attract This one comes with me to my deathbed... “When you take to time to design your mindset, your mindset designs your life in time” Which influencers. What type of business owners. What type of women.  List the smallest details.

2. Use Instagram location tags Search the nearest ‘high value’ restaurant in your city and nav to the location tag.  You’ll be able to check out who was there recently and what types of people you might bump into if you go. Example - Currently in dubai as I type this…

(cont.) Upper echelon people never eat alone. Figure out where they hang out and plug yourself into those environments. What do they do for fun? What do they do for work? Where would they hang out?

3. Once you know where to go, physically go to those places Soho house, Dogpound, Monoco F1 – TOP Tier locations / gyms / events etc. The best way to create commonalities with people you want to network with, is to attend the same things they’re already going to.

4. Open conversations with a compliment There are a few techniques and ways to open convos without being creepy. One of them is to open with a genuine compliment. The others I teach inside Tribe Accelerator (more on that later)

5. Provide value There are really 3 ways to provide value to successful individuals: - Provide access to funding, skills, or services - Introduce them to your female friends - Be fun If you can provide any of those 3, your value will increase exponentially

6. Exchange socials If you’ve followed the previous steps - this should be a natural progression of the relationship. You’ll naturally have people ask you for your IG.

7. Get pics together It is ESSENTIAL to create a culture in your friend group where you all get content of each other.  Your photos should be completely candid, unplanned, natural… Accomplish this by simply creating the culture that it’s just something you all do as friends.

If your goal is to meet high quality men, women, and build your network… you need to start attaining what I call "hypnotic" Instagram content. I've shared all this in crazy detail with my friends Fritz Horstmann, Pete Fogden, Ian Tudor, and many more.

All buddies of mine who are worth 7+ figs. Check what they’ve been up to…. Ian @ gran prix in monaco this year

Fritz in mykonos

Since I've had so many requests to teach this stuff... I've just decided to make a group anointed the tribe. If you want to request to be a part of the group, I'm having a few of my friends review the requests, take calls this week, and extend a few invites.

We're extremely picky about who we share this with, and cancel most calls that just don't fit the vibe. But if we think you're cool, & you're genuinely curious about how we set up our social life.

TL;DR - 👇🏽 1. Define who you want to be surrounded by 2. Locate where the top members hang out 3. Go to those places 4. Make Friends 6. Connect on socials 7. Take pics and post the good ones

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