Arham Doshi

Arham Doshi



(1/n) Honest roadmap every computer science aspirant will need! It would be bit (a lot) biased towards dsa / cp but it is what it is :p🧵

(2/n) 1st sem : - learn a language either c++ or java and make some cli projects. - make a network, go out and participate in club activities. It's important because people are still making friends and groups are still forming.

(3/n) 2nd sem : - Start with hackerrank problem solving and try to achieve 5 stars there. - Start learning dsa concepts from youtube, gfg and blogs. - Start learning touch typing, run some fingers on type racer, monkey type.

(4/n) 3rd sem : - This semester you should completely focus on cp, start giving regular contests and upsolve regorosly, find your coding community if you don't have one in college and find one online. - Try to achieve specialist on cf.

(5/n) - Participate in inter college competitions, attend tech fests and participate in tech events. 4th sem : - Try to become an expert on cf this will prepare you for any of the companies coming for internships next year. - Learn some os, dbms, cn, oops concepts.

(6/n) - Also try to improve your communications skills a bit. - Try exploring a field like web dev and make small project just enough to crack internship. 5th sem : - Try to get a summer internship. take some online mock interviews.

(7/n) - Solve some interview prep sheets and solve some topics that cannot be learned in cp like linked list, trees etc. - Participate in ICPC !!! - Continue improving in cp, solve cses problem set, try mastering dp and graphs.

(8/n) 6th sem : - Try to become candidate master on cf. - Pick a domain from web dev, ml android and make one in depth project in that and one or two small projects.

(9/n) - If you are going for web dev, try learning mern stack there are some good road maps there to make some end to end platform projects like online judge, mock interview platform etc.

(10/n) 7th sem : - Do your 2 months summer internship. - Get placed in good company. - Start learning about system design and how distributed systems work. - Start learning about investments. Just put some money in stocks and mutual funds to have skin in the game.

(11/n) - Go on the Goa trip with your college friends. This is the last sem you will be spending with them. 8th sem : - Do a 6 month internship. - Get in depth knowledge in whatever you are working on. - Start building your personal brand. - Start working out it's the best time

(12/n) That was long but that's it. thanks for listening follow me for more such content🚀🚀.

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