Want some alpha? Sometimes the right information can put you at an indescribable competitive advantage, especially in crypto. It’s where literal fortunes are made daily. However, there are few people that can find it right. Here are some tips I’ve found useful… (1/x)

1. Etherscan Technical knowledge of Etherscan is a must-have. It is a block explorer detailing all that you need to know about what is happening on-chain. You can monitor notable wallets, dig through transaction history to find sources/interactions, & much more.

2. Etherscan (Smart Contract Search) The amount of alpha I’ve found with this tool is unbelievable. It has to be done meticulously or you will not find success. It’s like a search engine for smart contracts. This is useful for connecting GitHub code to deployed smart contracts

3. GitHub GitHub is your best friend. Since we’re often open source, crypto project devs tend to publish code for everything there. This can reveal an unannounced partnership, new protocol features, or other leaks. It’s also helpful to get an idea of who is active in the eco.

4. Devs Who is working on the project you invest in? There’s a high chance that they are in a tighter network of devs that are just as (if not more) skilled, and have their own side projects. You want the best of the best. Find the right group/niche of devs, and stay there.

5. Cypherhunter Cypherhunter has got to be one of the most useful data libraries for everything DeFi. It shows you team members, portfolios, related projects, and tons of other in-depth information on just about any protocol you can think of. It’s one of my favorite tools.

6. Hackathons Are you in the trenches, anon? The Ethereum ecosystem hosts tons of hacking events featuring top talent across the globe every month. This is where many foundational ideas are created, materialized, & expanded.

7. Gitcoin Gitcoin is great for funding web3, and finding alpha. Lots of projects post specific bounties on Gitcoin, where progression is linked by the contributing dev. This is where you can find what is being worked on and its current status.

8. Programming Even a little bit of programming knowledge goes a long ways in this space. What does this smart contract do? What does this dApp do? What are they using? The answers to these questions can sometimes prove extremely valuable.

9. DNS Scanning Got a project you’re looking at closely? Take a look at their DNS records. You can see the all of the various subdomains & other DNS records attached to the project with a simple search. Who knows… you may even find something you didn’t know about.

10. Glassnode/Nansen Advanced applications which let you filter the noise of the blockchain are game-changing tools to use. They offer real-time analytics to specifically configured actions on chain to keep you in the loop. These get down to the exact details on precise info.

11. Lastly, follow .@theBakeryDAO We like to drop alpha. More breadcrumbs from the croissant are coming soon, so stay tuned. I hope you all found this thread useful! 🥐

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