Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Molestation I was sexually assaulted today on my way to work in the local train. While I will be pursuing requisite action against the people I mention in this thread, (1/n)

my sole purpose of writing this is a humble request to the @mumbaipolice to sensitise your force and make them aware and accountable for their own duties especially for such sensitive incidents. (2/n)

Upon reaching the Andheri Railway Police station, I was visibly distressed and crying. As I spoke to the police incharge and told them I was molested and I'd be comfortable speaking about it to a female cop, the first question he asked me was "Molestation kya hota hai". (3/n)

After explaining to the police woman about the details of my complaint, her first question to me was if my boyfriend did that to me. How does it matter? (4/n)

After her going back to her senior and whispering the details to him I heard the male cop say "AREY BAAPRE KAAM ALA" (oh god this is going to be a lot of work). (5/n)

As I was sitting there crying, waiting for someone to direct me further the 2-3 female cops chatted among themselves about how bad it must have felt to be in my position.All this while I was sitting right there & this was happening in front of everyone at this police station(6/n)

While I identified the perpetrator on the cctv footage at around 11:30 am, one of the police women kept telling me "Arey maarna tha na usko aap toh advocate ho, maara kyu nahi" (you should have hit him since you're a lawyer, why didn't you hit him). (7/n)

Somehow it was my fault that I didn't hit him back. I still don't understand the correlation of physical strength and being an advocate. If anyone has an insight on the same, I'd like to be enlightened. (8/n)

This above statement makes it so clear that we are responsible for our own safety, because when we go to complain and put our trust in the system we're told that we could have solved it better by taking matters in our own hands. (9/n)

Further, I was initially told to go into a smaller separate room for me to comfortably give my statement. (10/n)

To my shock, upon entering this room, the police woman whispered to the other police woman that my statement should be taken in the main police station instead of this room because it is convinient to them. (11/n)

I insisted that I was not comfortable narrating my horrendous experience in the middle of the entire police station, which is when she finally took my statement in that separate room. (12/n)

After a delay of 3 hours for reasons best known to the cops (I entered at 11am, identified the perpetrator at 11:30 and my statement was taken at 2), me narrating my horrible experience 3-4 times, describing and identifying the man who assaulted me, (13/n)

hearing how I should have hit him and tackled this better, and that I should be thankful I was in my "covered" formal attire, being told to give my statement in the middle of the police station when a separate room was clearly available, (14/n)

being told that since he wasn't my bf or someone I knew I was a "nice girl" and I didn't do anything wrong to be upset, I finally got a copy of my statement. (15/n)

After the above-mentioned I was told that the platform where I was assaulted was actually under borivali jurisdiction and that the entire information would be forwarded to them. (16/n)

To my shock, I recieved a call from the borivali police station this evening calling me once again to identify the perpetrator on cctv footage. After indentifying the man in CCTV, describing him in detail in my statement, (17/n)

I have to go back and relive the most traumatic day of my life again because the andheri railway police didn't forward the details of the exact person who did this to me. (18/n)

Today scares me. I'm a privileged woman living close to South Bombay. I take a packed local at peak morning hours to reach my workplace. I'm educated and financially independent. Being an advocate helps because I know the exact ambit of the duties of the police (19/n)

I wasn't offered water upon reaching the police station, I wasn't told about next steps. I was told to go to the cctv room with 2 male cops (not in uniform)& a female cop accompanied when I insisted that a female cop should accompany me to a place outside the police station(20/n)

While I have the privilege to take a day off to calm myself down and try to change my mode of daily commute, the way our police handles these situations is absolutely heartbreaking. (21/n)

If I didn't know my right to ask a female cop to accompany me, if I was younger, from a minority, from a weaker economic background, someone who wasn't aware of those rights and someone who couldn't take the day off to just file an FIR, my situation would be much worse. (22/n)

@mumbaipolice someone assaulted me in broad daylight and the process to file a complaint against it was equally traumatic.

Talking to friends has shaken me to my core because every woman I know has a similar story of being molested in public transport. What is shameful is that they didnt report it because they were sure the process to report an incident like this would traumatize them further(23/23)

Hi, an update: I got a call from the borivali police this morning telling me that I didn't need to re-identify the perpetrator on cctv and that the Andheri railway police has forwarded the details. This thread did numbers and that's the reason things were expedited. Thank you

To everyone who's reached out, to everyone who's retweeted this thread, thank you so much. I will keep updating this thread incase of any further updates.

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