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cw// incest, miyacest, (horny incest thought) "osamu" atsumu didn't use osamu's nickname so he knew something was up "yeah tsumu?" atsumu didn't break eye contact "i want ya to fuck me on the kitchen table" osamu looked at atsumu blankly, thinking about it for a second then

coming to the conclusion "yeah sure" atsumu smirked, then happily bent over the table and spread his legs just enough so osamu could get in between them. atsumu wasn't wearing much so it was easy for osamu to slip in whenever he pleases. soon though, osamu was pounding atsumu's

little hole and atsumu couldn't help but sink his nails into the wooden table where he ND his family eats. "ah ha~ sa-samu" osamu huffed and said "yeah? ya like that?" atsumu couldn't speak, he was too busy moaning to even bear what osamu said. but osamu did like that, so he

grabbed atsumu by his hair and said "answer me when im talkin to you" atsumu yelped and said "oka-okay, im sorry" osamu scoffed "i asked if ya like that, ya like when i fuck you like yer some whore? i'll leave ya here like a used rag" atsumu got so hard hearing those words

come out of osamu "ye-yes please! use me, then leave me, it fee-feels so goo-" atsumu was cut off by a hard smack on his ass. "good boy tsumu, ya can get a treat after" atsumu stuck his tongue out while moaning soon after, they both cum at the same time and atsumu plopped

himself on the floor panting. osamu picked him up bridal style and went upstairs to their shared bedroom and put atsumu down gently on the bed. osamu laying next to him , looking at atsumu and brushing the hair out if his face, "i love ya tsumu" atsumu looked at him and smiled

"i love ya too samu"

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