1/ # Why do you talk down to people / why are you such an asshole Simple: I don't think you should probably be here, nor do I think this should be a nice welcoming place.

2/ Youre here because your greedy, think youre going to get rich, but actually youre probably in the 99% of sheep that are going to be fed to the 1% that are capable of being wolves.

3/ Finding a nice welcoming place in crypto for new people is like finding a friendly 280lb guy on your 1st of prison offering you a candy bar. Theres a catch.

4/ Nobody is here to help you, and if looks like they are, its method by which they are shilling you or using you for their own gain.

5/ That could be building your trust so they can shill you, or using followers to get access to lucrative deals on the condition they will shill it to their followers. If you want to survive in crypto and come out with money you need to realize this fast.

6/ My content is a shill to make you invest in similar projects to me: adopted platforms which are likely going to be around. I don't invest in those because of some moral reasoning. I do so because of risk analysis.

7/ 99%+ of people in this space, including those with the largest followings, have no idea about which projects those will be. All they know is buy something marketable low, shill it, sell.

8/ In order to do that they need crypto to be a open and friendly place where everyone feels their ideas and opinions are equal. Why? Because the reasoning they give you as to why you should be buying the crap they are shilling is BS they have created or just dumb.

9/ Opinions in crypto are not equal. Everyone does not have 'their own way of doing it thats right for them'. Theres a spectrum of dumb, risky, unlikely ways of doing it, and theres smart less risky, more likely, ways of doing it.

10/ I know of private communities in this space who should all be millionaires and aren't, all because of not understanding this.

11/ The majority of people in crypto lose their money to the minority. Thats how this works. Everyone puts in money, and small few gets rich at the expense of the majority.

12/ We don't all make it by our own special way. Nor is there one way of 'making it'.

13/ The majority of people in crypto are also dumb and won't ever understand or 'get' this game enough to come out with gains. Thats why this works. My content is not for those people.

14/ They aren't going to get it. Its for a small minority of people who can read it, understand it and play this 'game' effectively enough to come out in profit. To the others, I'm not going to be nice and friendly and have them sink more money into this giant ponzi game.

15/ I've made enough money in this to extent that I don't need to make more by screwing it out people that I don't think should even be here and who probably wouldn't buy/hold the stuff I buy anyway through not understanding why its a good idea.

16/ When i reply to tweets with 'You shouldn't be in crypto', i'm not doing that to offend or as some internet argument comeback. I don't care about any of that. I'm stating my opinion that I don't think they have what it takes to do this.

17/ Thats why I'm not going to connect the dots for you, its why i don't answer certain questions, its why I'm rude/abrupt/unfriendly when they ask them. I'm not trying to offend you, but I don't care if you are offended.

18/ If you can't connect those dots on your own, if you can't read, if youre asking 'Hey where can I find info on X,Y,Z?' demonstrating you can't even use google search, then you should be not in this and I'm not going to facilitate you being in it.

19/ This is a brutal game where people lose everything because of greed, being dumb, listening to the ideas of other dumb clueless people and being exposed to manipulation and marketing.

20/ It shouldn't be a friendly and nice place towards all (dumb) ideas, and where people who have no business being here end up losing more than they would have if they'd walked away after realizing its probably a bad idea.

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