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A Super Exclusive Thread. 1. In this thread, you will learn something that may change your views completely. You just need to invest 5 to 10 minutes in knowing the hidden truth. So let's start👇

2. By the end of the 19th century, Rockefeller was the owner of 90% of oil refineries in the USA. He is known as a monopolist in oil refineries.

3. During the same period, many scientists founded medicine from petrochemicals. Many people still don't know that most modern medicine is created from petrochemicals.

4. In 1902 Rockefeller started General Education Board (GEB). With GEB they have funded medical and agriculture education.

5. In 1908, Abraham Flexner was hired to survey medical education.

6. In 1910 Flexner submitted his report. By acting on this report, Rockefeller started to fund and support only those who obeyed and accepted the new medical education started by Rockefeller.

7. On the other hand Rockefeller forced others to close all other alternatives. They have also forced others to close those medical colleges who don't obey them. He successfully destroyed all other options and those who didn't join him.

8. Rockefeller has systematically captured the old medical system and replaced it with his petrochemical pills education system!

9. In 1913, Rockefeller Foundation was registered officially. Rockefeller started INTERNATIONAL HEALTH COMMISSION which became INTERNATIONAL HEALTH BOARD in 1916 onwards. They have started to work on the international level.

10. In 1925, IG Farben was created by merging six German companies. IG Farben was the world's biggest pharma company at that time.

11. This IG Farben has devolved the famous gas chamber of Hitler. I will write in detail about it in the future. There is much more in the history which is not being told in our school syllabus.

12. Now let's come to Rockefeller again. In April 1929 Rockefeller's Standard Oil and German IG Farben formed a joint company with the new name American IG Farben.

13. In November 1929, Rockefeller's Standard Oil and IG Farben created another joint venture with the name Standard Farben research company. They have pooled research and patent under this company.

14. In December 1929, they created another joint venture with the name Standard IG. This is how they became the world's biggest and most powerful Agro and pharma industry.

15. Very few people know that most Agro products like pesticides and modern medicines have been created with petrochemicals. Rockefeller and their partners have a monopoly on it.

16. In 1943, Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation started Green Revolution by using Pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and hybridized seeds. Please remember these are products of petrochemicals on which Rockefeller has a monopoly.

17. Green revolution was started in 1961 in India with help of the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller foundation. Hybridized Wheat and Rice were brought from International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

18. International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) was started by Rockefeller in collaboration with the Mexican government. We brought Hybridized wheat from there!

19. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) was started and funded by Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, and the Philipines government. Interestingly, all three entities are behind the famous Magsaysay Award.

20. Meanwhile AIIMS was started by the Government of India. Rockefeller has funded it and also provides other support too! AIIMS is the base of Medical education and treatment in India!

21. As Green Revolution with help of pesticides and Hybridized seeds was started in Punjab, Cancer and other life-threatening diseases cases grew in Punjab and later in India

22. Now Almost all grains, vegetables, and fruits are grown with pesticides and we are facing so many life-threatening diseases like Cancer, Leukemia, and birth defects.

23. So who is getting benefits from exploiting human bodies? Bayer AG which was part of IG Farben is making pesticides and they also make chemotherapy medicine for cancer patients This is just one example! Imagine the profits of Rockefeller and their associates from both sides

24. Please share it maximum 🙏

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