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Joe Rogan can talk to guests for 3 hours without running out of things to say. He’s had huge names like Elon Musk, Miley Cyrus, and Kanye West on his podcast. I analyzed 8 things that make him so good at conversation. Here they are for you to steal:

Be the question asker Put the spotlight on them and don't expect the favor back. Focus on learning something new outside the domains of your own life over building a connection (which will happen anyways). Be interested in them, they'll be interested in you.

Find a topic that excites The goal is to get them invested in the conversation. Treat your questions like an investigation of what makes this person tick. You'll know when you land on a topic they’re excited about. They’ll ease up, light up, and unfold. Stay there.

Laugh easily Ever heard of the comic high? We humans LOVE to make people laugh. It’s a sign of acceptance. If you can smile and give a chuckle, it signals you are safe to talk to and enjoy their company.

Practice circling, "reminds me of..." Circling is a way of listening. Instead of paraphrasing what you’ve been told, you repeat back how it made you feel or what you were reminded of. You let them know you heard them and what it MEANT to you.

Ask hypothetical questions Take a tip from table-talk cards and give “if” situations so your convo partner can draw on their imagination instead of feeling blocked by reality. “If you had 3 wishes…” “If you were in xyz situation…” “Would you rather a or b…”

Ask why Asking “why” reveals someone’s values and priorities. It tells you more than “what” ever could, and you’ll get more information to ask even more questions.

Reveal your "schtick" Joe is known for bringing up MMA and DMT. He doesn't do it incessantly. He picks the proper transition and reads his guest to gauge their interest. But just like he looks for fun topics for his guests, he looks for fun topics for himself.

Control the bid There are transition points in conversation for new possible topics. With skill, you can learn to make a quick decision whether to entertain or deny the thread. Recognize when this is taking place and you'll be the one in control of the conversation.

Now you know these Joe Rogan hacks, go practice! You'll level up your dates. networking, and friendships, guaranteed.

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