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cw // slightly nsfw #sakuatsu Virgin otaku Kiyoomi who has a massive crush on every character voiced by his favourite VA Miya Atsumu. When the seiyū signs on to do the anime adaptation of a famous boys love manga, part of Kiyoomi's fantasy becomes a reality.

What will happen when Kiyoomi attends a fansign event for the new animated movie? Will he have the courage to admit his admiration? Also, how the heck is Miya-san so handsome in real life? Kiyoomi will be sure to answer all these questions and more on his blog. 🤓💖

Also can you imagine Sakusa Kiyoomi 6'3" playing a fucking otome game where Atsumu voices one of the love interests, and he deadass gets flustered and hard from the romantic interactions. The game is targeted towards women, but gender isn't REAL and his love for Miya-san IS!!!

Kiyoomi playing fuwa fuwa cutesy dating games with a straight fucking face and his cheeks burning... Imagine his surprise when he purchases this boys love movie and there's a straight up dick in ass moaning scene he would be burning UP.

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