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A thread that covers @yugalabs's IP Ecosystem🧵

1/ This is an IP Ecosystem Map of Yuga Labs🗺

2/ Games are excluded since it was covered. In this map, we will highlight brands, creators, projects and artists that apply Yuga Labs' IP. They add social, utility, entertainment value to drive more audience onboard. Let's take a look at who they are👀

3/ 👕@gucci collaborates with Wagmi-san @10KTFshop to launch Gucci Grail, where BAYC, BAKC get to wear luxury clothing designed by Alessandro Michele

4/ ⌚️@TAGHeuer has enabled BAYC holders to flex with style on the #TAGHeuerConnected Calibre E4. The watch can be purchased via @ApeCoin

5/ 💎@TiffanyAndCo 's sells out custom Cryptopunk 'NFTiff' pendants for $50,000 each. "NFTiffs," digital passes which can be minted and redeemed for custom-designed CryptoPunks pendants and a matching NFT art piece.

6/ 👕@adidasoriginals Adidas Originals leaps into the metaverse with BAYC and Punks Comic

7/ 👕@liningofficial LI-NING x BAYC #4102, China’s Premier Sports Brand, Enters NFT Market and Looks to Accelerate Web 3. A series of activities such as frisbee and locomotives, intending to drive more people to participate in new sports together.

8/ 🎵@Timbaland launched music label @ApeInProd based on Bored Ape NFTs. ApeSh!t by TheZoo was the latest released by @TheZoo_AIP

9/🎵 D2 The LBC features both @SnoopDogg and @Eminem's BAYC. It's Eminem’s second greatest hits compilation, debuts at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 with 43,000 equivalent album units earned.

10/ 🎵 Snoop Dogg's BAYC IRL to support both his food venture @FoodFightersU and music. @DrBombaySE @TheRealDrBombay

11/ 🎵@aperaveclub Ape Rave Club's mission is to bring a new generation of artist to the electronic music scene. Backed talented producers and creatives in dance music and NFTs. They are excited to shape the future of music in web3. Below are pics from Blockparty Korea.

12/ 🎵@0x0metaverse 0x0 is a full service music label, production house and management firm run by a team of music loving futurists. Their BAYCs have the best dance moves. Their track is by far one of my favourite.

13/ 🧸@superplastic SUPERPLASTIC produces quality art toys. The vinyl art toys, called “SuperBored,” feature caricatures used in the BAYC universe.

14/ 🧸@IsmToys's founder, Ricky da Luz, 18, started making free Bored Ape toys for NFT holders last year, and has generated $1 million in sales. Recently I got to meet him team at @Futurist_conf

15/ 🍔@BorednHungry by @FoodFightersU is an NFT restaurant group bridging real-life experiences to web 3. Kevin and Andy combined their passion for NFTs with food. @champmedici and @SnoopDogg are their partners. Founder's interview:

16/ 🥣Founded by @maggi_eth, @gmgnsupplyco is the first-ever decentralized CPG company apes in with NFT-branded cereal. Their vision is to build 100 community-built CPG brands. gm Cereal coming soon.

17/ 🥫@bored_sauce was founded by Bobby Bellhop, who has been happily hauling bags for high-profile hotel guests for most of his average ape life. After a generous tip from one of his regulars he shut his own suitcase and set out to combine both his love for Bananas and spice!

18/ ☕️@BoredBreakfast Bored Breakfast Club is a first-of-its-kind NFT project delivering real-world coffee shipments and exclusive digital experiences to members.

19/ ☕️@BoredCoffee_'s team members are NFT and coffee lovers that recognize the need for long term social and ecological sustainability in the industry. Their goal is provide quality coffee while providing transparent and sustainable means of production.

20/🥤@ApeBeverages is the first sustainable water beverage of Web 3.0. Quench your MetaThirst soon. [💧] Ape Water [💧] Sustainably sourced [💧] Mt. Shasta, California [💧] September 2022 Launch

21/🍷@BoredWine is sourcing some of the world's best wines, bottling them, and wrapping them with the world's most exclusive apes.

22/ ☕️ @getcafex and @veratheape collaborate to provide SF airport travellers a new taste of coffee experience. Robotic Coffee Bars. Try it at SFO Terminal 1 & 3.

23/🍺@happydad Happy Dad was founded in 2021 by a wild group of friends that wanted to make the best tasting hard seltzer. It has low carbonation, refreshing with simple and delicious flavors. BAYC founders have tried them out recently.

24/ @RollingStone Rolling Stone special collector’s edition zine features never-before-seen BAYC artwork, and exclusive designs from collaborators including Claire Salvo, TimpersHD, Dario de Siena, Crypto Geisha, and Jeneva.

25/ 🛹 Skate Bored at @BoardPusher design by @woundedpixel. This was a limited edition offer to BAYC orders at a limited time. The skateboard is pro-quality, Canadian Maple deck.

26/ 👕@thehundreds 's @AdamBombSquad has partnered with BAYC long ago to launch a limited edition.

27/ 🏀 In July 2021, @weareround21 dropped an official BAYC x round21 physical basketball—only for NFT owners. Made of high-grade composite leather and featuring custom BAYC artwork, this physical basketball is a special limited edition collectible.

28/ 🧶@richclasdecor makes custom NFT rugs. Rich Class Decor aims to create the finest choice of vintage, boho, eclectic and modern style floor coverings and decorations.

29/ ⏳@fallinginsand by James Sun is bridging digital and physical through his master sand layering. He uses sand to immortalize the most Iconic moment. DM him for collaboration.

30/ 🧶@10KTF Wagmi-san has crafted countless personalized merch for Yuga Labs’ PFP; 10ktf by @wenewlabs has redefined NFT experiences, where collection means connection.

31/ 📕@mutant_cartel storytelling that turns mutant assets into influential protagonists with art, animation, and immersive storytelling. The story and course will continue to unfold in weekly extracts from the Duke’s Diary.

32/ 📕@jenkinsthevalet dreams up worlds, characters, and IP that make the Metaverse a better place. They are a team of world-class Developers, Designers, Brand Builders, Screenwriters, applying BAYC, MAYC and BAKC's IP.

33/ 📹@RidazLP is the most productive @OthersideMeta creator. From lively Koda to mini story about boring fishing days, Rida and his team is ready to create engaging content on the other side.

34/ 🇨🇦@BoredClubCanada is Canadian association of BAYC/MAYC/BAKC owners. Over 150+ bored members. I get to meet some Canadian apes in a Toronto blockchain conference like @bayc9617 and @fudmaster_nft, they are super friendly!

35/ 🇫🇷@FrenchApeYC is a group of French speaking #BAYC owners. 100+ members. They have a private discord that coordinate IRL events.

36/ 🇰🇷@BAYCKorea is a community of Korean speaking #BAYC and #MAYC holders. They recently meet up at @NFTSeoulFest on August 11th.

37/ 🇹🇼 @BaycTaiwan Taiwan DAO is a community that has the most BAYC holders in Taiwan with many investors and collectors. @SQLPANDA @BalloonConan are frequent participants. I got to know @BalloonConan from clubhouse last year, who is a Magician and Balloon Artist.

38/ 🇭🇰@EliteApesHK, founded by @JasonJape, is a collector club of 150+ BAYC members, holder 300+ MAYC and BAKC. They are the world’s first NFT community being recognized by an Olympic team. EliteApes is also a partner of fashion metaverse @altavagroup.

39/ 🌎@veratheape is the greatest ambassador of Yuga Labs. As founder of @boredchili, she hosted Bored Chili Brunch in NYC. She has brought YouTubers, celebrities, investors to NFT through these events. Reminder: tag her handle if you ever reference her Vitalik group photo!

40/ 🌎@apeuniverse_eth is a community of 221 OG BAYC apes. It's a OG group that has active daily conversation that covers everything Yuga Labs. Do you know there are 4 gold apes in ApeUniverse? Apeuniverse is recognized by its diamond hand and active ApecoinDAO voting.

41/ 🌎@aWSBclub, founded by @AllanGeBTCclub, is one of the earliest BAYC adopter in Asia. The Bay Area club has brought many newcomers to NFT. They own the most iconic gold ape in captain hat and Hawaii T-shirt. Members are active daily in Clubhouse and Twitter Space.

42/ 👩‍🎨 @polly_kole is an NFT sculptor. She has created many stunning sculpture artwork to the BAYC community. One of them is @DrBombaySE @SnoopDogg’s BAYC.

43/ 🧸@0xHarryLu is a founder of a kids interactive solution startup @sindraxtech who is applying BAYC and MAYC IP for kid’s products. He is cultivating NFT and Web 3.0 culture for our next generation at the young age.

44/🎙Bored Chili Podcast is co-hosted by @taipeicity_eth and @veratheape. They will interview 100 apes, learn about their story and share with the world. Check out their 5th podcast on NFT Marketplace.

45/🎙@twoboredapes’s goal is to educate, entertain and create a community around NFTs, hosted by @Zeneca_33 and @JaimeMusings. It is one of the most active and insightful podcast. They recently chatted about DeFi, CC0, Generative Art.

46/🎙@fullsendpodcast recently had @BoredApeYC founders @GordonGoner & @CryptoGarga in the session. @KyleForgeard is the co-founder of the podcast, as well as co-founder of @happydad. During his interview with @elonmusk, we saw the banana favour BAYC all over the screen 👀

47/ 🎙@nftcatcher was founded by @NFTicket with a mission to have the most inclusive list of NFT drops and information found on the web. With 60k collections in reach, they host podcast weekly. They recently interviewed @DCLBlogger on Into the Metaverse.

48/ 🎙@nftnow, co-founded by @mattmedved delivers the latest in NFT news, analysis, interviews, drops, videos, and the best in crypto art, music, and culture. They have over 400k monthly visitors.

49/ 📘@BoringSecDAO provides classes, security awareness, and track scam/hack trends in the Web3 space. It was funded by ApecoinDAO (AIP-9). @Feld4014 was recently on @NFTCatcherPod.

50/ 📘@BoredApeGazette covers all things apes all the time. It is the #1 in BAYC Media. ApeCoin DAO has approved proposal to fund the Bored Ape Gazette. The website will evolve into a 24-hour news site complete with a live sales ticker. Contributors include @red_vulkan @0xSword

51/ 📘@Zeneca_33 is Founder and CEO of @ZenAcademy_. ZenAcademy exists to soften the NFT and web3 learning curve and ensure anyone, anywhere, at any level, has a place to learn.

52/ 📘@joinAP3D founded by @ap3father encourages and motivates community members to work out, sit less, and get moving. Before you read further, did you workout today?

53/ 📘@unicmetaverse UNIC Open Metaverse Initiative.This free course is taught by UNIC faculty and @punk6529 along with an incredible array of lecturers such as @beeple @CryptoGarga @ysiu. It’s an intro course to NFTs and the Metaverse, delivered on-chain and in the metaverse.

54/ 🏗 @metaprints creates experiences and assets at scale in multiple metaverses, serving fortune 500, web3 and PFP projects. The team is working closely with Sandbox team to deliver BAYC experience in Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3.

55/ 🏗 @theOtherGuild has grown to 220 deedholding members and 3,900 Twitter follower over the months. Their mission is to maximize gameplay and social value for everyone in the Otherside through content, tools, and experiences - both digital and In Real Life (IRL).

56/ 🏗 @Othersidegangs OG is a community led initiative that represents the best minds of @OthersideMeta . They are at the start of it all & building ahead of time for holders, gamers, brands, creators & voyagers.

57/ 🏗 @CryptoCitiesDev is a metaverse development Studio founded by @kai0x3 & @tropicalvirtual; in the upcoming Alpha Season 3 event, you can play the BAYC experience created by the team

58/ 🏗 @creatordaocc CreatorDAO is building a platform to allow anything to be commissioned (e.g. Image, Audio, 3D, Lore, Animation, etc). Over 80 creators, 60 orders in the platform.

59/ 🏗 #omguild Otherside Meta Guild is teaming with some of the most exclusive brands in Web2 and Web3 to shape the future of Otherside land development powered by Horizon Labs.

60/ 🏗 @arcadedotinc has built the infamous Ape VS. Mutant game for Yuga Labs. Now they are developing an interoperable and connected world in arcade style. They have built full set modelling for BAYC. Limited open beta will be here soon.

61/ 🏗 @worldwide_web3 is an interoperable Play-to-Own social Metaverse in 2D style. They have recently partnered with @GameStopNFT to bring @Meebits and punk to the mass.

62/🏗 @animocabrands led projects that add utility to Yuga Labs’ collection and apecoin have been discussed in this post. Follow these projects to get the latest updates.

63/ That's a wrap for the deep dive of brands, project, creators and artists highlights. Next we will discuss how ecosystem participants can work together to create larger value.

64/ In Web 2, the relationship with network participants change from positive-sum to zero-sum according to @cdixon's Why Decentralization Matters.

65/ In Web 3, such relationship is deconstructed. Through @10KTFshop and @OthersideMeta 's first trip, we are using stories to co-develop the future of media. Through these aforementioned ecosystem collaboration, we co-operate to unlock the value of ownership economy.

66/ Gucci has chosen to become part of 10ktf's quest. If collectively we have not purchased Gucci Grail, we will not get Gucci expansion. In Yuga’s IP ecosystem map, each of us is co-developing the stories, co-shaping the culture.

67/ Story is the most compelling and engaging format known to us. When a good story is told, one can capture attention. One can also add new layers of social and entertainment value.

68/ Lore, physical goods, fashion brands, games, entertainment participants all play an important role in driving compound growth to the value of brands & IP. This results in network growth in the ownership economy and value creation of storytelling assets.

69/ Reference 💎Fashion Brands @gucci @TAGHeuer @TiffanyAndCo @liningofficial @adidas 🎵 Music @Timbaland @eminem @SnoopDogg @deathrowmusic @therealkingship @thezoo_aip @ApeInProd @aperaveclub @0x0metaverse @Hugo_Su_

70/ 🍔 Food @borednhngry @FoodFightersU @gmgnsupplyco @bored_sauce @Bored_Bagels 👕Physical Goods @RollingStone @BoardPusher @thehundreds @weareround21 @richclasdecor @fallinginsand 🥤 Beverages @happydad @boredbreakfast @boredcoffee_ @ApeBeverages @BoredWine @getcafex

71/ 📕Lore @10KTFshop @mutant_cartel @jenkinsthevalet @RidazLP 💬Community @BoredClubCanada @FrenchApeYC @BAYCKorea @veratheape @apeuniverse_eth @aWSBclub @EliteApesHK @PinkBoredApes @asiaverseworld #MalaysiaApeClub @Bored_Nene @BaycTaiwan

72/ 🧸Toy & Sculpture @superplastic @IsmToys @0xHarryLu @polly_kole 🎙Podcast @veratheape @twoboredapes @NBATopShotEast @fullsendpodcast @nftcatcherpod @nftnow 📘Education @BoringSecDAO by @Feld4014 @boredapegazette @Zeneca_33 @zenacademy_ @unicmetaverse @punk6529 @ysiu

73/ 🏗Studio and Guild @Metaprints @theOtherGuild @Othersidegangs @CryptoCitiesDev @creatordaocc #omguild @arcadedotinc @animocabrands 🎤Talent Agency @boredjob @WME @umg @caafoundation @BaycStudios 💼Miscellaneous @coinbase @MrCleanCowboy #Farmhouse @NFSneakersCX @banik22

74/ Credits to @BoredOasis @veratheape @fallinginsand @0xHarryLu for reference and correction. Credits to @atareh @zurb on storytelling and co-development thesis

75/ Are there any projects, brands, artists or creators driving adoption of Yuga Lab's IP not on this list? Comment below👀

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