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I own multiple faceless YouTube channels that make me $100,000+ a year. The secret to success: following a proven system. 7 tips on how to grow a faceless channel (without getting lucky):

1. Start with a high income niche Niches need two things: 1. Viewer interest 2. High income potential The more viewer interest, the more views you’ll get The higher the CPM and purchasing power of your audience, the more you’ll make Here are niches I recommend:

2. Create a growth plan Ways to grow on YouTube include: 1. Finding long-tail keywords you can rank for using tools like VIDIQ 2. Identifying “crack” videos where video views exceed subscribers 3. Creating around trending topics using Google trends Here’s an example of a crack:

3. Analyze what’s working First, begin analyzing what videos perform best in your niche Then use these videos as ideas for your own channel Once you publish 20-30 videos analyze your results Down down on the 2-3 video ideas that have worked best

4. Leverage promotion To grow faster you can leverage other creators audience by: - Purchasing end screen or community post promotions from channels in your niche - Collaborating with other creators The more exposure your channel gets, the faster it will grow

5. Promote an offer With the right offer, you can make $100,000 a year Your offer should be relevant to your niche You can promote it in your videos and add links in: - End screens - Video description - Pinned comment Here’s an example of how you can earn $100K

Product sales: 20,000 monthly views x 1% conversion x $50 product = $5,000 Affiliates: 20,000 monthly views x 2% conversion x $25 affiliate commission = $5,000 Coaching: 20,000 monthly views x 0.1% conversion x $500 coaching = $5,000 And this is just the beginning…

6.Outsource Making a video requires: - Research - Script - Voiceover - Editing - Thumbnails Each can be outsourced on Fiverr or Upwork Here’s an example job description:

7. Replicate Once you know how to build one successful channel You can make more… Use your larger channels to grow the smaller ones Then go from one $10k/month channel to two, three and so on…

If you want to start building your $10k/mo YouTube channel right away... Join Six-Figure Tuber (50% off next 3 copies only): If you enjoyed this thread, please RT the first tweet Follow me for more YouTube wisdom: @Adam_DelDuca

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